Your Guide To Basic Poker Etiquette

While poker is a game mostly played leisurely, it does not mean that manners should leave the table. By following this basic etiquette guide, you are assured that your games will go smoothly.

The things listed below are common unwritten rules in the game of poker that every player should abide by. With these in hand, you will surely gain the respect of your co-players.


Here’s your guide to basic poker etiquettes:

  • Pay attention.
    Poker games can sometimes last for hours. At times, when there isn’t much going on in the table, other players feel slightly bored, causing them to lose focus. They resort to listening to music, using their phones, and talking to others. These are perfectly fine if done correctly. For instance, plug earphones into one ear instead of two so people in the poker table can still talk to you. It is also impolite to play your music too loudly. Using your phone is allowed if done consciously. Don’t go on watching Netflix movies while at a game. Glancing, checking messages, or replying to texts, are perfectly fine. However, it would help if you refrained from using your phone for extended periods.
  • Act timely.
    Aside from waiting for your turn to make a move, you must remember always to act timely. While it is true that poker generally takes time, it does not mean that you have all the time in the world to act. You are given a reasonable amount of time to decide. Don’t bore the other players with your indecisiveness. If you need more time, you can always say, “Time, please.” However, this must be used sparingly and cautiously.
  • Leave trash talk off the table.
    You might have seen movies that show poker players trash-talking to each other. But let it be known that this is just for movies. It is purely for cinematic entertainment, and it has no place in the real world. The playful banter is alright, but you have to know your limits. Show respect to all the players at the table. Avoid saying anything that might offend your co-players and casino staff.
  • Tip accordingly.
    Tipping is not required, but any decent poker player will tell you that tipping is much appreciated. Especially if you win big bucks, tipping becomes all the more expected. Tipping is not bragging, nor acting like a big shot. It is basic etiquette that is valued all over the world. It is a form of respect to the people who make sure that you are enjoying your game, and that everything that happens in the casino is in order.
  • Be gracious in defeat.
    Have you ever heard of the saying, “Be magnanimous in victory, but gracious in defeat”? It merely means that whatever the result of the game is, you should take it as it is. Losing is part of the game, and your attitude should never be a sour grape. Anything can happen in the poker table, so you should be able to accept that fact even before entering the game.

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