What is Loose-Aggressive (LAG) Poker?

Poker is equally a game of cards and people. Although having a good hand is preferable, that rarely happens. Instead, you can win by exploiting your opponent’s tells and mistakes. 


If you’re able to force your opponents into difficult positions, you’ll be able to profit tremendously. Doing this involves a high-risk but high-reward strategy called loose-aggressive (LAG).


This blog will discuss everything you need to know about LAG poker. We’ll go over how and when to use this strategy to help you understand this advanced playstyle. 


What is LAG poker

Using the LAG strategy means aggressively playing a lot of hands and raising bets whenever possible. However, your aggression should be smart and targeted, with the goal of taking advantage of other players’ weaknesses. 


Notably, LAG players are different from manic players. 


Whereas manic players play almost all their hands aggressively, they do it without rhyme or reason. Manic players are mostly drunk or tilted, trying to relieve pressure by throwing away money. Their play style is just recklessness, which often results in ruin.


Meanwhile, the LAG strategy calls for calculated aggression. So you’ll have to play a wide range of hands but not unwinnable cards (unless the situation calls for it). 


LAG poker requires experience, skill, and confidence — it can be very profitable if you execute it correctly.



Mastering tight-aggressive poker (TAG) is necessary before playing LAG poker. If you’ve consistently won through TAG, you can gradually increase your range and play LAG. 


The crucial difference between TAG and LAG is the number of plays. Using TAG, you may have to play 15% to 20% of your hands. Meanwhile, using LAG means you’ll have to play around 30%. 


Although the LAG strategy calls for more hands, that doesn’t mean you should play trash hands. Remember, playing LAG means being purposeful with your aggression. 


One benefit of playing LAG over TAG is that you’ll be less predictable, especially when you’re up against seasoned opponents.  


How to play LAG poker

LAG poker is all about being fearless and aggressive while remaining perceptive of other players’ reactions and the overall board texture. Although you’ll have to play more hands, you must still know when it’ll be better to fold a hand. 


Still, the LAG strategy calls for continuous attack. You don’t have to wait for the perfect hand. Remember, your goal is to pressure other players into making mistakes and exploit tilted opponents.


When it comes to LAG poker, cards don’t mean as much as the human aspect of the game. So instead of waiting for a premium hand, capitalize on your opponent’s weakness.


The LAG mindset is not for everyone. It requires years of practice and a bold outlook on the table.


LAG strategies

Here are some LAG strategies you can take on various stages of the game:


  • Preflop: Your aim is to take the pot without going through the flop. Thus, you may have to 3- or 4-bet your opponents preflop. This makes your tighter opponents more likely to fold or become tilted. 
  • Flop: During the flop, you’ll have to study the board texture and the reaction of other players. Your hand doesn’t matter as much as your opponent’s signs of weakness. Thus, be aggressive and apply pressure the moment your opponent checks. 
  • Turn: At this point, most players would’ve folded if their hands hadn’t improved. You can make the most of the situation by continuing with your aggression and making other players uncomfortable. 
  • River: LAG poker is not all about bluffing. However, since your opponents view you as a loose player, they would have a difficult time telling if you have a good hand. They may think you’re only bluffing when you’re not. That’s how you can get the most value whenever you have premium cards. 


Playing LAG: Loose Aggressive Poker

The LAG poker strategy is only for advanced players. It requires mastering the basics of poker [How to Use the ABC Poker Strategy], including knowing how to read both your opponents and their cards. You’ll need experience, expertise, and steel nerves if you want to use this strategy. 


Although the LAG strategy is risky, it can be quite rewarding. Just keep in mind that it may not work for you if you’re only a beginner or intermediate player. 


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