Top Poker Players of 2023: A Mid-Year Update and Rankings

As we find ourselves at the halfway mark of 2023, it’s time to explore the current state of the poker world and highlight the exceptional players who have reigned supreme at the tables in recent months. We’ll delve into the impressive skills and achievements of these top poker players in the world — let’s get right to it!


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The Six Best Poker Players in the World This 2023

Jason Koon

Jason Koon, a prominent figure in the world of high-stakes poker, holds the esteemed positions of GGPoker Global Ambassador and Triton Tournament Series Ambassador.


Renowned for his exceptional skills and strategic prowess, Koon has shown impressive tournament performances and emerged victorious in highly lucrative cash games. As the face of Triton Poker, he embodies the spirit of the game, showcasing resilience, intellect, and charisma.


He is known for his aggressive style of play and his ability to adapt to different opponents. Koon has also been playing high-stakes cash games online and has won millions of dollars in online tournaments.


In 2023, Koon continues to compete at a high level, making him one of the most formidable contenders on the tournament circuit. Here are a few notable highlights from his endeavors this year:


Koon’s expertise and fervor for poker position him as an influential figure, inspiring players around the globe to strive for greatness in the game they love.


Mr. Dan “Jungleman” Cates

Regarded as one of the most accomplished poker players on the planet, Dan “Jungleman” Cates has undeniably earned his esteemed reputation.


Cates has consistently demonstrated his dominance in high-stakes poker games. His impressive track record boasts numerous victories in prestigious tournaments and cash games alike. Known for his aggressive play and strategic bluffs, Cates possesses a knock for outmaneuvering opponents time and again.


As a professional, Cates exhibits astute decision-making skills and executes calculated maneuvers that invariably grant him an edge. His razor-sharp instincts, fearlessness, and unyielding competitive spirit position him as an unwavering force at the poker table. Furthermore, Cates garners widespread acclaim as a popular streamer and content creator, sharing his poker expertise with an eager audience.


Cates remains an active presence in the vibrant poker realm. Notable highlights include:


With an undeniable impact at the tables, Cates has unquestionably emerged as one of the standout performers in the ever-evolving landscape of 2023.


Vanessa Selbst

As a trailblazing female player, Vanessa Selbst has shattered gender barriers and contributed significantly to the advancement of the game. Her strategic brilliance and unrivaled skills have propelled her to the zenith of the poker world, where she reigns supreme.


Amassing an impressive array of tournament victories and deep runs, Selbst has showcased her ability to navigate high-pressure situations with grace and finesse. Her analytical mind, coupled with a fearlessness and unwavering tenacity, has garnered the unwavering respect and admiration of her peers.


Although Selbst retired from professional poker in 2018 to focus on her corporate career and embrace the joys of motherhood, she has graced the poker world with her presence this year. Notably, she joins the prestigious WSOP Thrill Team in 2023, participating in the highly anticipated Main Event.


Selbst is a role model for many female poker players. She is a strong advocate for women in poker and has spoken out about the challenges women face in the industry.


Beyond her extraordinary skill set, Selbst serves as an inspiring role model for aspiring female poker players. An ardent advocate for women in poker, she fearlessly addresses the challenges faced by women in the industry, elevating the conversation and fostering inclusivity.



​​In the realm of online poker, the mastery displayed by OtB_Redbaron is nothing short of extraordinary. Armed with a formidable foundation in mathematics and an unparalleled grasp of game theory, he has consistently dazzled the online poker community, emerging as a prominent and revered figure.


His analytical skills and meticulous approach, strong focus on studying opponents’ tendencies and exploiting weaknesses, and ability to navigate complex situations at the virtual led him to achieve remarkable results in high-stakes online cash games.


What sets OtB_Redbaron apart is his unyielding dedication to continuous improvement. This relentless pursuit of excellence has firmly cemented his status among the elite online poker players, serving as an inspiration for countless others to strive for greatness in the digital realm of the game.


Mysterious and elusive, OtB_Redbaron maintains an undisclosed true identity, heightening the intrigue surrounding his online poker persona. All that is known is that he hails from Belgium and currently resides in the United Kingdom, further adding to the allure of this extraordinary player.


Phil “The Poker Brat” Hellmuth

Phil Hellmuth’s magnetic charisma and illustrious career spanning several decades have firmly established him as an iconic figure in the world of poker. Known for his larger-than-life personality and fierce competitiveness, he has amassed an unparalleled record of tournament victories, including an unprecedented 16 World Series of Poker bracelets.


Hellmuth’s ability to make bold moves and navigate high-pressure situations with precision and poise is a testament to his strategic brilliance. Despite facing stiff competition, Hellmuth’s exceptional reading abilities and impeccably timed bluffs have enabled him to maintain his status as one of the best players in the game.


Beyond his remarkable accomplishments, Hellmuth’s impact and influence as a true ambassador for the sport transcend his tangible accolades. He serves as a guiding light, inspiring generations of players with his indomitable spirit and leaving an indelible legacy in the poker world.


In 2023, he continues to compete, participating in prestigious events such as the World Series of Poker and the US Poker Open, adding to his storied journey through the game he holds dear.


Phil Ivey

No discussion of poker greats would be complete without paying homage to the extraordinary talent of Phil Ivey — a man widely revered as one of the greatest players to ever grace the felts. While his presence in the poker scene has been somewhat subdued in recent years, Ivey’s unrivaled skill and sheer brilliance remain undeniably unmatched.


With a career spanning over two decades, Ivey has solidified his position among the elite through his uncanny ability to decipher opponents. Renowned for his calm demeanor and unyielding focus, he possesses innate gift for making impeccable decisions and executing calculated maneuvers with utmost precision.


Ivey’s strategic brilliance and profound grasp of the game have yielded a trove of tournament victories and triumphant conquests in high-stakes cash game. Whether seated at live or online poker tables, his remarkable adaptability and natural talent make him a formidable adversary, evoking fear in the hearts of opponents.


As the current year unfolds, Ivey has experienced a mixed bag of results, encompassing both moments of triumph and occasional disappointments. Presently, he finds himself engaged in fierce competition within the prestigious 2023 World Series of Poker, eagerly showcasing his prowess on the grandest stage.


A Thrilling Future for Poker Awaits!

The world of poker is in a constant state of evolution, with new talents emerging and seasoned veterans maintaining their unwavering dominance. The remarkable players mentioned in this esteemed list have showcased extraordinary skill, strategic brilliance, and a consistent track record of success throughout the year.


Yet, the dynamic nature of poker ensures that change is always on the horizon. It will be nothing short of captivating to witness how these players continue to perform and who else may rise to claim their rightful place among the pantheon of the best poker players of 2023 and beyond.


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