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Top Poker Movies of all Time

Gone are the days when poker venues were viewed as dark elicit rooms filled with high-stakes players alongside their gun-toting bodyguards. Thanks to movies and recent media depictions, poker is now seen as a game of mathematical strategy that attracts savvy players and stylish patrons. 


Here, we list our Top 10 Poker Movies of all Time in no particular order. Another thing we need to be honest about is our bias towards classic flicks. 


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Please continue reading below to read our top favorite poker movies of all time.


Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

This classic poker movie is actually a romantic comedy in which the plot is centered around a rigged poker game. 


After losing $65,000 which left him penniless, Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) agrees to let a con man Tommy Korman (James Caan) “borrow” his beautiful fiancee Betsy (Sarah Jessica Parker) for a Hawaiin getaway. 


Betsy, who looks like Korman’s late wife, starts to fall in love with her charismatic captor who was initially commitment-phobic before realizing that he must race against the clock to win her back. 


Molly’s Game (2010) 

This must-watch poker movie has gained a cult following with its compelling characters, fast-paced narratives, and great acting. 


Based on the true story of Molly Bloom, a young and beautiful Olympic-class skier who ran one of the world’s most exclusive high-stakes poker games for about a decade before being arrested by FBI agents. 


Molly, whose players included Hollywood bigwigs, business titans, sports stars and a Russian mob, hired a criminal defense lawyer Charlie Jaffey who later discovered that his client had other secrets to tell. 


Casino Royale (2006)

Considered the most casino-centric James Bond film to date, its story revolves around 007 agent who travels to Montenegro in an attempt to stop terrorist banker Le Chiffre from winning a large sum of money at a Texas Hold’em tournament. 


The Card Counter (2021) 

An American drama produced by Martin Scorsese, it combines the high-stakes excitement of the World Series of Poker and the chaos brought by the war on terror in Afghanistan. 


The protagonist, played by Oscar Isaac, is an ex-serviceman who has been dishonorably discharged, forcing him to become a poker player who lives in paranoia and guilt. Despite his distant disposition, he helps a former associate seeking revenge on their mutual enemy. 


Mississippi Grind (2015)

While some claim that this screenplay is based on a true story, its creators denied this rumor and said they were just focused on real emotions to make the film relatable and believable. 


The story revolves around a gambling addict (Ben Mendelsohn) who takes a newfound friend (Ryan Reynolds) on a trip, believing that he is his good-luck charm. So they take a road trip to join a high-stakes poker game in New Orleans. 


Lucky You (2007) 

This drama-romance movie shows the story of a talented poker player named Huck Cheever (Eric Bana) who must balance his dream to win a slot in the world championship game in Las Vegas and his love affair. But during the tournament, he meets his estranged father (Robert Duvall), a legendary poker player who abandoned Huck’s mother years ago. 


Ocean’s Eleven (2001)

Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s Eleven revolves around the gambling world, robbery, poker, stylish clothes, sleek moves, and witty conversations. In short, it’s an incredible movie that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. 


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