Top Desserts You Must Munch on While Playing Poker

Poker nights can be stressful and draining, that is why casinos should offer a very well-curated menu for their guests. Here at Capitol Casino, we don’t like falling short in providing the best variety of food for our patrons available in Capitol Café & Restaurant.

Add more to your experience by trying our desserts. Just to make you crave for more, here’s a list of the yummy desserts you must try out when you’re paying us a visit:


Do you crave cheese?

If you are a cheese lover, look no further. The cafe offers one of the city’s most loved desserts, the New York Cheesecake. This mouthwatering treat is baked with the classic crunchy graham crust with a rich creamy filling. Try asking our servers if they can add strawberry syrup on top of your cheesecake to give it that citrusy oomph you’ll definitely love.


Do you want it cold?

Is the game getting too hot, and you need to cool it off a bit? How about a serving of strawberry ice cream? or maybe vanilla? But we all know you will not let the opportunity to get that chocolate ice cream slip away.

Also, why only get a scoop when you can get two or all three of them in a cup drizzled with candy sprinkles and more chocolate syrup?


Do you want it healthy?

Yes. Even desserts can be healthy. Grab a slice of that carrot cake that is not too sweet and not too heavy on the stomach. Just enough fluff and sugar to keep you up and about for another round of poker. Made fresh every day with real carrots and the freshest eggs, our carrot cake is among the best bets in town. A poker night in Sacramento casinos can be tough and tiring, and an extra boost of energy is always a good move.

Yes, getting the best of both worlds is possible with us—staying healthy and eating your cake.


Do you want it fruity and hot?

Fret not, we have it ready for you. Ask our servers what is the pie of the day and be surprised with what we can offer. Baked to perfection with just enough sweetness and warm enough to keep your stomach steady for an adrenaline-filled evening of poker with the pros.


Chocolate cake anybody?

Have you ever met a person who does not eat chocolate cake? We now you haven’t.

Who can resist three layers of thick chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, topped with chocolate buttercream? We know we couldn’t and so will you. Still not chocolatey enough for you? Our servers will add some more chocolate syrup then.

Here in Capitol Casino, we spell comfort food with desserts. If you’re still undecided what to try, take a look at our ultimate guide to the Poker Player’s meal.

Desserts are not only the star of the evening here at Capitol Casino, as we also offer the best pairings of main courses while you play the game. So come on and drop a visit at Capitol Casino and experience the magic that our team of chefs and servers can bring to your poker table.

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