Here is a list of our top casino drinks for a fun poker night. Visit Capitol Casino if you're looking for an exciting poker venue in Sacramento, California.

Top casino drinks for a fun poker night out

Nothing beats going to a casino after a grueling work week, especially if you’re going out with friends and drinking your favorite alcoholic beverage, be it a hard stuff, some artisanal beer or a fancy cocktail.

If you’re looking for a fun poker night venue in Sacramento, visit Capitol Casino. Located at 411 N 16th Street, Sacramento, CA, our casino not just offers exciting table games and excellent amenities, but our restaurant and bar also serve amazing cocktails, hard liquor, wine and beer.

While it’s advisable to stay sober when you’re a competitive poker player since you need a great deal of concentration to win, you can ignore this rule if your primary goal is to have a fun night with your friends.


Most popular casino drinks

Here, we list the most popular casino drinks in Sacramento.


Dry Martini

Instead of the usual stirred Martini, this drink is shaken vigorously to mix the dry vermouth and gin before topping off this mixture with lemon or stuffed olives if you want to spice it up. You can pair this drink with three-card poker or EZ baccarat and feel like you’re from a James Bond movie.


Piña colada

A serving of Piña Colada is an excellent choice for anyone with a sweet tooth. Traditionally, it consists of coconut milk and pineapple juice to balance its milky and creamy taste before topping it off with cherries.

Usually, this popular cocktail drink is decorated with a small umbrella that gives it a tropical vibe.



This cocktail is actually a traditional Cuban highball that typically consists of these five ingredients: lime juice, mint, soda water, white rum and sugar (usually from sugar cane). Consequently, it has a very refreshing taste with a hint of sweetness to keep you all night long as you play Black Jack or Omaha Hi-Lo.

Over the recent years, some bars have introduced different variations of Mojito, some of which include strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, coconut, cucumber or mango. Nonetheless, the classic mint remains the most popular version in Capitol Casino.


Whiskey on the rocks

As fancy as it may sound, whiskey on the rocks is nothing but a whisky with ice. Despite its popularity, some hard-core aficionados cringe at the thought of adding ice or anything to the whiskey because they believe that doing so dilutes its flavors.

Whether you want your whiskey on the rocks or in its neat form, our bar in Capitol Casino will serve you anything your heart desires.



Did you know that this popular casino cocktail drink has an interesting story?

A few decades ago, American oil workers in the Persian Gulf secretly added vodka to their orange juice while working (alcoholic beverages were forbidden by the countries surrounding the gulf like Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Kuwait, etc.). The name screwdriver stems from the fact that they stirred their drinks with this tool instead of a spoon.


Dining and Drinking at Capitol Casino

Aside from hard liquor and refreshing cocktails and beer, our restaurant in Capitol Casino also serves mouth-watering Asian cuisine.

Visit us now at 411 N 16th Street, Sacramento, CA, or contact us at 916-446-0700 or INFO@CAPITOL-CASINO.COM. We’re happy to hear from you!