Things To Consider Before You Quit Sacramento Poker Tournaments

Poker is generally an easy game to learn but hard to master–or almost impossible if you are not being deliberate with your learning process. That’s why you need to read books and other learning materials, replicate the winning techniques of the pros, and establish a concrete game plan so you won’t fall into the trap of the “gut feeling,” which is unreliable or even downright erroneous. 


Another thing new poker players need to learn is knowing when to call it a day. For example, should you leave the table at the peak of your winning streak or after losing a predetermined amount of money? Or perhaps you could use a random length of time or number of hands before you call it quits?


And if you want to quit Sacramento poker tournaments for good, or at least take a break from them after experiencing a losing streak, there are some questions you need to ask yourself.


Are you deliberate about your learning?

Reading poker books can help you understand the strategies, playing styles and a myriad of theories that may enhance your overall gameplay. Just make sure that your materials are up-to-date and contain some “seal of approval” from professional experts. 

While books are helpful, the best way to sharpen your skills is still through deliberate practice. Without diving into the action and purposefully learning and replicating the strategies of pros, every theory you have just read will stay that way–just a theory. 

To really improve your poker tournament strategy, make sure that you complement your reading materials with live games. You don’t necessarily need to join in–you can simply watch the pros in the comfort of your home, paying special attention to their body language and subtle patterns that could give away some details about their strategy. 

The internet is also filled with helpful video tutorials, cheat sheets and strategies explained by professional and renowned poker players worldwide. And with the proliferation of info one can find online, it’s not surprising that some players feel that they don’t have to spend a dime to buy poker-related books. 


What are your core reasons for playing Sacramento poker tournaments?

Unless you’re a pro or fancy yourself to be one someday, you’re likely to be attracted to poker tournaments just for the thrill and excitement of outwitting others. After all, poker is more of a game of strategies rather than luck.

Your reasons for playing poker must be in line with the amount of time and effort you put into this game. So if you’re aiming to make a living out of it but hate doing your homework to hone your skills, you may want to align these two points before anything else. 

On the other hand, if you’re just someone who just sees poker as a fun and relaxing recreational time, then go ahead and socialize with your friends. But of course, it still makes sense to work on your skills and game plan because nothing beats the feeling of being the best at the poker table. 


Is your head in the game? 

There is some truth behind the saying, “Poker is nothing but a head game,” which means that it’s all about deceptive strategies to win all the chips in the pot. Thus, you need to pay close attention to every move you make, rather than being haphazard about it. Unfortunately, one common mistake of newbies is that they are overly focused on other players to the point that they lose themselves in the game for being too reactive. 


Are you being honest with yourself?

Always bear this in mind: You are only as good or worse as your last performance. Thus, if you had experienced a losing streak while in poker tournaments, scrutinize your strategies (or lack thereof) that made you commit costly mistakes. While it may lead to some uncomfortable feelings–after all, humans have a defense mechanism against regret and other emotional distress–you need to be as objective as possible when looking at your errors. 


The goal here is to feel regret without being overwhelmed by the feeling. Remember, the goal here is to learn and avoid the costly mistakes you’ve committed and not beat yourself up just for the heck of it. 


When You Feel Like Quitting Poker

In the vast majority of cases, inept poker players are those who have been using their gut feeling. Some would even go as far as changing their seat with the belief that doing so can change their luck. But as previously mentioned, in the long run, poker is a game of strategy rather than chance. 

So before you call it a day or quit for good, make sure that you first answer the above mentioned questions as honestly as possible. Perhaps what you need is a change of game plan and an honest look at your strategies and goals, rather than raise the white flag and walk away. 


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