The Top Worst Starting Hands In Texas Hold’em

Playing Texas Hold ’em, a pair of aces is one of the most delicate beginning hands, but are you aware of the worst starting hands? 

You can better analyze what you’re holding at the start of the game if you know which hands are “nearly-always-fold ’em hands,” which means you’ll almost always fold when you have this hand. 

Knowing how to recognize these folded hands is crucial to improving your poker game and holding your own against more experienced players.

The keys to success are playing a decent game and keeping the discipline to substandard junk hands that you know will get into trouble.

So, here are the worst starting hands to avoid in Texas Hold ’em.

Holding 2-7

In Texas Hold ’em, having 2 and 7 off suits is rated the worst hand. This is because they’re the two lowest cards you can have, and they can’t create a straight (there are five cards between 2 and 7). 

Even if they’re suited, they’ll give you a low flush, and if they both create pairs, it’ll be a poor hand. So while there’s always the possibility of getting teams, these are low pairings, so proceed with caution.

The 2 and 8

The main difficulty with the 2 and 8 decks is the same with 2 and 7; only you have an 8 instead of a 7. 

For a high card, an 8 is still fairly terrible. So whether you’re suited or not, this is usually a fold ’em hand. Of course, there’s always the possibility of getting pairs, but they are low pairings. 

You have no viable alternatives with this hand going forward for the same reasons. So it’s wise to leave before the betting starts.

3 and 8, 3 and 7

3-8 offsuit and 3-7 offsuit are two of the worst poker cards to play and one of the worst hands in poker. These awful poker hands or the worst ones are marginally better than 2 -7 offsuit, the worst card in poker, but they still can’t create a straight or a flush. 

The pairings would be functionally low if they were produced with these poorest beginning hands in poker or worst hands in Texas Holdem.

Furthermore, these poor poker cards, sometimes known as the worst poker hands, have a victory rate of only 4.30 percent. So with these worst poker hands and worst poker hands to play, it’s best to fold in Texas Holdem as soon as possible.

2 and 10

Because poker expert Doyle Brunson won two World Series of Poker bracelets, drawing a 2 and 10 hand has legendary status. 

On the surface, it does not appear to be a good hand. However, Brunson is one of the top players in the game’s history. So, unless you’re a seasoned Texas road gambler with thousands of hours under your belt, you shouldn’t try to win with the Doyle Brunson hand.

In addition, this hand is ranked 165th out of 169 potential starting hands in Texas Hold ’em poker. That isn’t anything to be proud of. 

When you see any of these five hands, you know you’re having a horrible day. Although poker is a beautiful game, playing this hand will only give you a headache.

2-9, 3-9, and 4-9

The worst poker hand to play and the worst poker hand is a 2-9 offsuit. A 3-9 offsuit is regarded as the worst hand in poker or the worst hand in 5 card poker, while a 4-9 offsuit is also considered the worst hand in poker or the worst hand in 5 card poker. 

These worst Texas Holdem hands or worst 5 card poker hands have a win percentage of 4.50-4.70 percent.

Since you handed a lousy poker hand such as 2,3,4, and 9, all you have is 9 in the event of these worse hands in poker.

It would still be a middle pair if the 9 from the worst hand in poker called or the worst hand in Texas Holdem did pair. 

Furthermore, you cannot make a straight or a flush with these worst poker cards, often known as the worst poker hands. Therefore, Texas Holdem’s best course of action is to fold the poorest hands, whether they are in Texas Holdem or 5 card poker.

9 and 5 

The 9 and 5 hand, often known as the “Dolly Parton,” is a famous hand that players play because it is entertaining. It was called after Dolly Parton’s well-known song and movie from the 1980s.

It is not intelligent to play hands merely because they have a humorous name if you want to win. This hand is a statistical loser in the long run. This isn’t how you earn a living playing poker.

Face Card Plus Low Card, Unsuited

When beginners see any face cards in their hand, one of the most typical blunders they make is to play it. Whatever the situation may be, jack and two, queen and three, king and four. 

The vast majority of these hands result in defeat. They’re seen as a waste of time. They may win a few pots at odd, but this hand will almost always lose you a lot of money when you discover the other player has a better hand.

Ace Plus Low Card, Unsuited

Another typical rookie blunder is to play any ace. It may win on occasion, and heads-up is a good hand, but if there is a raise in front of you at a table of four or more, this hand should not be played. If you play an ace and a low card, you’ll almost certainly be outshone.

A Final Word On The Worst Starting Hands To Avoid In Texas Hold ’em

Because you’ll seldom flip a giant hand with these rubbish cards when you decide to play them, you’ll be driven to bluff more often when it’s the wrong moment and against the wrong opponent, simply because you can’t win at a showdown. 

All of this may be avoided if you opt to fold the poorest beginning cards before the flip. So, if you’re handed one of these worst Texas Holdem hands or worst poker cards, consider wisely and retreat to Texas Holdem, the worst beginning hands in poker if necessary.

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