Sacramento Blackjack: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Game

Whether you’re aiming to become a Sacramento Blackjack Pro or simply want to up the ante during the game, there are universal tips and tricks to keep in mind. To learn more about honing your poker skills, read Capitol Casino’s blog, or better yet, visit our physical location at 411 N 16th St. Sacramento, CA 95811


Tips and tricks to improve your Blackjack game 

We summarized the most important ways to take your game to the next level. Note that many of these tips and tricks also apply to other casino games and poker variants. 


Be logical, not emotional

If you want to be a pro, the first thing you need to do is not to believe in your “gut feeling,” which in most cases is actually a self-sabotaging feeling since people have the propensity to overvalue their skills and the situations they’re facing. 


To avoid falling into the “gut feeling” trap, know the basic and winning strategies in Sacramento Blackjack. 


Know the basic and complex strategies

First and foremost, the strategies are not about winning at every Blackjack game, which of course is an impossible feat. Instead, they are created to maximize your winning rate while keeping your losses at a minimum. 


There are countless strategies out there, but some stand out because they are known to really increase your winning streak. For example, many pros believe that amateurs can drastically improve their game by memorizing different potential outcomes, making it easier for them to make the most sound decisions. 


When you stick to the “core” strategies in Sacramento Blackjack, chances are you can win at least 50% of your hands. 


Compared to most casino games, Blackjack has a smaller house edge, which means being a card counter is one effective way to increase your winning percentage. The idea here is to predict what card is from the deck and keep track of the cards that are no longer in play. 


Additional pro tips: 

  • Choose venues that offer excellent odds when Blackjack is struck. 
  • Choose tables with excellent rules (e.g., surrender rules and Soft 17).
  • Opt for fewer decks because the more decks you’re facing, the harder it is to count. 
  • Keep a level head. 
  • Choose the ideal table limit for your bankroll. 
  • Start with smaller limit tables and slowly work your way up. 
  • Stick to your winning Blackjack strategies, which means you shouldn’t double up your bet just because you lost the previous one. 
  • As much as possible, play the Blackjack surrender rule. 


Avoid side bets 

Blackjack has a relatively small house edge, which gives the card counter a particular advantage. However, betting on side bets completely eliminates this “benefit” due to the “saturation” it creates. In short, getting distracted by side bets can cost you money because they don’t give you the best odds. 


Consistent practice 

The best way to practice your game skills is to pick the right table–i.e., you’re comfortable with the price point and the pay amount (choose a table that pays out 3:2), and you actually enjoy your fellow players and the dealer. 


For beginners, another thing to keep in mind is to start with smaller bets, or amounts that are near the table minimum, before you dive into bigger bets. 


Consistent practice is the key to processing information quickly and automatically, which ultimately increases your winning streak. And what better way to do this is to visit Capitol Casino, Sacramento’s number 1 poker venue. 


Playing Blackjack Like a Pro

The basic rule of Blackjack is simple, but learning how to play it almost to perfection takes deliberate practice and skills, which is why you need to find a casino with a great crowd and exciting table games. 


At Capitol Casino, we offer our guests an excellent experience–from our long list of exciting table games and delectable food from our bar and restaurant to the friendly staff and top-notch amenities and facilities. 


If you want to learn more about Sacramento’s number 1 poker venue, please visit us at 411 N 16th St. Sacramento, CA 95811 or contact us at 916.446.0700 or info@CAPITOL-CASINO