We list our top 5 favorite Poker Podcast Channels to help you hone your strategies. Visit Capitol Casino if you’re looking for a fun poker venue in Sacramento.

Our Top 5 Best Poker Podcast Channels

If you’re a poker aficionado who wants to keep up with the latest trends and news, podcasts are an excellent source of information you should never miss out on. Plus, you can also learn new gaming techniques directly from experts and avoid the biases of mainstream media. 


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Meanwhile, continue reading below to check out our top 5 List of Best Poker Podcast Channels (listed in no particular order):


Red Chip Poker 

This podcast channel focuses on mini-coaching sessions and interviews with professional poker players and other stakeholders in the industry. Consequently, it’s a nice resource for advanced and amateur players who are into online poker games. But every now and then, it offers advice for live poker games and tournaments. 


Poker in the Ears

PokerStars TV hosts Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan bring listeners to the world of the international poker circuit and offer them on-air competitions from time to time. Think of it as an uncensored and occasionally funny take on the world of professional poker.


Smart Poker Study 

Sky Matsuhashi is the creator of this poker-centric podcast channel and a training site called www.PokerForge.com. Plus, he authored four books, namely, “Preflop Online Poker,” “Post-flop Online Poker,” and “How to Study Poker” volumes 1 and 2. 


His podcast focuses on expert interviews and strategies to help you hone your poker HUD skills, making this quite popular among people who want to listen to a resource that uses “simple languages” and an easy-to-follow winning game plan. 


You should not miss this podcast channel if you’re using The Poker Forge training site. 


Chasing Poker Greatness 

Hosted by Brad Wilson, this popular weekly podcast delivers valuable tips from legendary poker figures who are willing to share their knowledge through in-depth interviews. 


Many of the episodes focus on the personal journey of poker star players, including their struggles and failures, training and strategies, and ongoing improvement that has allowed them to reach their legendary status.


The Poker Life 

As its name suggests, this podcast channel focuses on the lifestyle and personal journey of professional poker players. 


Hosted by professional poker player Joey Ingram, the podcast typically involves interviews with big celebrities in the poker industry who discuss a wide range of topics, from their lifestyle and struggles to winning strategies and training. 


Perhaps the only downside of this podcast channel is that there is no specific schedule since the host also manages different gigs. 


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Our Top 5 Best Poker Podcast ChannelsPoker Podcasts

Books, training courses, and online resources like blogs and podcast channels can help you improve your poker strategies.


However, immersion remains the best way to hone your skills so why not visit Capitol Casino in Sacramento and enjoy our exciting table games and tournaments?


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