How to Use the ABC Poker Strategy

You’ll get exposed to advanced strategies and techniques as you become a more skilled poker player. Learning them is essential if you want to level up and take your game to the next level. 


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However, it’s also crucial that you master poker fundamentals before you venture into more complicated tactics. 


This is where “ABC Poker” becomes helpful to you. It’s a poker strategy that uses a tight style and avoids riskier plays and maneuvers. This type of play relies on poker fundamentals, with the goal of betting on strong hands and avoiding bluffs.


This blog will give you an overview of ABC Poker to help you leverage this basic poker strategy in your next game. 


When to use ABC Poker

ABC Poker is useful for both novices and experienced players. You’ll gain the most value from this strategy by using it in these scenarios:

  • If you’re a new poker player
  • If you’re playing on a new table
  • If the situation calls for it


You’ll be better off sticking with ABC Poker and avoiding bluffs if you’re a new player. Winning with a weak hand only happens in Hollywood movies. More seasoned players can easily tell if you’re bluffing, and doing so will only result in you losing money.


Meanwhile, you can still use ABC Poker even though you’re an experienced player. If you’re on a new table and have no information about your opponent’s play styles, this basic poker strategy will let you study the other players while controlling your risk.


Moreover, using ABC Poker early lets you play more aggressively later since the other players have only seen you use a conservative approach.


Lastly, some situations may call for the use of ABC Poker. For example, you may be playing with someone who constantly makes big raises or goes all in. Their moves may become unpredictable and irrational, so a solid strategy will ensure you win their stacks. 


ABC Poker: Key Strategies

Here are some fundamental techniques you should remember if you’re using ABC Poker. 



Folding is an important move in poker, and it’s often one of the best plays you can make. ABC Poker tells us not to be scared to fold weak hands. Generally, marginal cards aren’t worth the bet and only result in a loss.


Instead, you should focus on maximizing your gains whenever you have good hands.


With that, it’s a good idea to look at hand charts and familiarize yourself with combinations with higher chances of winning. 


If you’re using the ABC strategy, your goal is to play with strong cards and not waste chips with weak cards.



Poker is a game based on limited information — your location on the table greatly affects the information you receive about your opponent. As such, your play style may vary depending on where you’re sitting.


The positions on a 9-player table are as follows:

  • Early: small blind, big blind, under the gun  
  • Middle: those three seats left of the under-the-gun seat
  • Late: the last three seats (including the dealer/button)


If you’re the dealer, you’ll act last and receive the most information. Thus, it’s the best position on the table and lets you study your opponents before you check or raise. 


Meanwhile, early positions are the worst. If you’re here, you’ll be acting based on the least information, especially after the flop. 


Thus, ABC Poker tells us that you should only bet if you have the strongest possible hands. You’ll have a greater range with them and can hold your own despite knowing little about the other players.



In films, poker is depicted as a game of bluffs where someone with a 2–7 off-suit hand wins through sheer daring. 


However, that’s not the case in real life — relying on bluffs only leads to bankruptcy


ABC Poker discourages you from doing risky plays, including bluffs. This doesn’t mean that you should not use bluffs altogether.  


If you’re doing a bluff, your goal is to make your opponent fold. You wouldn’t want to go to a showdown since your hand is not reliable. 


Thus, you would want to use bluffs only with players who are likely to fold. 



If you have premium hands, the ABC strategy suggests that you bet with them. More experienced players may want to fake their weakness and trap their opponents, but ABC Poker is all about solid and tight plays.


By making a larger bet, you can either make other players fold or isolate a bluffer. The stronger your hand, the more confident you can be that your opponent is bluffing.


Conversely, if you just checked or called despite having a strong hand, more community cards may be opened without increasing the pot. Worse, your opponents may end up with stronger hands post-flop. 


When you have a strong hand, it’s safer to bet than to play otherwise. However, you should bet in proportion to the strength of your hand. After all, every combination is beatable except for a royal flush.


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Downsides of the ABC Strategy

ABC Poker is a reliable and solid strategy. However, it’s predictable and can be easily beaten by experienced players and more aggressive tactics. 


Although it helps manage your losses whenever you have marginal hands, you won’t be able to win big whenever you hold strong cards. Worse, better players will be able to predict if you have a premium hand as the game progresses.


Having a strong grip of poker fundamentals is necessary in the game, yet you won’t become a Daniel Negreanu or an Erik Seidel through ABC Poker. You’ll eventually need to improve your strategies and be able to adapt with the changing circumstances on the table. 


ABC Poker: The Simple Strategy

ABC Poker is an excellent tactic if you’re playing on a new table or with unpredictable players. You’ll be able to study your opponents with the least risk and cost. 


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