Guide to a Poker Player’s Meal

They say a healthy lifestyle is a combination of good food and healthy habits. Fortunately, good habits include indulging yourself on activities that relaxes you and gives you a boost of that happy hormone. For poker players, what better way to de-stress than join a table and get the game on, but where does good food come-in?

Here at Capitol Casino we have three different eaters in our poker rooms, and to know who they are, you just gotta keep on reading.


The Meat Lovers
First up are our meat eaters. These guys love our burgers, steaks, and tapas. They want to keep their muscles strong to endure long hours of playing at the table. They also want the savory goodness and flavor that oozes out with every bite. Paired with their favorite sides of mashed potato, wedges, or even buttered vegetable. Finish it off with vanilla ice cream on top of chewy brownies. Aren’t you craving yet?


The Vegetarians
Second on our list are our vegetarians. These guys and gals count calories and inspect every item on the menu for possible meat content on them. They like their food fresh and green from the kitchen. From our vegetarians, we also have the vegans who do not take dairy products and eggs in their diet. This is part of their advocacy against animal cruelty. But whatever they need to fill their nutritious requirement, Capitol Casino’s kitchen can surely deliver. There are very few poker rooms near Sacramento, California who can offer as many variety of food to choose from in the menu.


The Cravers
Next in line is the cravings team. They are called the cravings team because they eat what they crave. When the game is looking hot, most of them would get iced coffee or even below zero beer. If their hands are getting cold, both the real hand and the cards, these guys order tea or soup to warm them up a bit. These guys are not hard to please because their diet is based on their mood, the atmosphere of their surroundings, and sometimes, even the game.


The Cocktail Connoisseurs
Last but not least is the cocktails connoisseur. These guys often hang out in our bar. Whenever they play they are always up to for a margarita, a mojito, or even one of Capitol Casino’s special blends. They always pair their cocktails with finger foods like onion rings, french fries, and crunchy deep-fried shrimps. They order drinks based on their mood for the game. Is it a relaxed evening at the table, maybe something like a tequila sunrise? Or is it intense and thrilling and needs some calming of the nerves? Whiskey on the rocks, maybe? But whatever their mood is, these connoisseurs always have their hearts set on a Martini.

Now that you have an idea who plays and eats in our poker rooms, experience it yourself. Have fun playing while maintaining your diet and satisfying your cravings! Are you one of these eaters?

Capitol Casino is not only for the poker players but also for food crawlers. No matter what type of eater you are, we assure you that playing and eating at our table is your best option in Sacramento, California.

Capitol Cafe