EZ Baccarat

Ez Baccarat is not just one of the most popular baccarat variants but also one of the easiest casino games to play. In this game, the players place a wager on the Banker hand or Player hand before two cards are dealt for each hand, with an option of drawing an additional card. The goal is to reach the point value closest to nine.

Ez Baccarat is also referred to as Easy Bac.

Ez Baccarat Vs Original

The rules of Ez Baccarat follow the original or standard version, except for banker bets that pay even money, i.e., no commission. This baccarat variant has a “barred” hand, meaning there is a slight rule change to even out the house edge after the exclusion of the 5% commision.

The “barred” hand is a three-card banker 7.

In contrast, the classic baccarat pays out even money on winning banker bets and removes commission, which results in the Banker bet having a 1.235% player advantage; the house edge on Player hand having 1.24%; and the house advantage on banker bets having 1.06%.

Because the EZ Baccarat removes the commission process, barring the three-card banker 7 has a slightly lower house edge compared to the original version.

In addition, the EZ Baccarat is a smoother and faster variant.

How Is It Played?

To start the EZ Baccarat, the players place a wager on the Banker hand, the Player hand, the “Tie” (or Base Game Wager), or a combination of these.

Meanwhile, anyone who makes a wager on “Tie” may also place a “Dragon 7” bet, which is a three-card winning Bank hand totaling seven points.

All wagers, which must be between the minimum and maximum table limit, are resolved through these rules:

  • In Player win, all Player wagers are paid one to one, with the Bank, Tie, and Dragon 7 as the losing party.
  • In Bank win, all Bank wagers are paid one to one, with the Player, Tie, and Dragon 7 as the losing party.
  • In the event of a Tie, Tie wagers are paid eight to one, while Bank and Player wagers push and the Dragon 7 wagers lose.
  • In Dragon 7 win, Dragon 7 wagers are paid 40 to one, with the Player and Tie wagers lose and the Bank wagers push.

Additional Details

Just like in the standard casino games, this baccarat variant follows the rotating player-dealer position which pays all winners and collects money from losers.


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