Dai Bacc

Dai Bacc is similar to the traditional Baccarat (Play Ez Baccarat)in terms of the draw rules, although the main difference is that it replaces the commission on every winning bank wager, which is done by barring one specific winning “bank” hand: a three-card 7.

This game is played with eight decks of cards, with cards between two and nine having a face value, with the winning “Tie Bet” paying eight to one. Also, there are two decisions to make: Whether to bet on the player or the banker and how much money to bet.

Meanwhile, the three optional Dai Bacc bonus are the following:

  1. The “Ox 6” Bonus pays 40-1 when a player receives a winning three-card 6.
  2. The Tiger 7 Bonus pays 40-1 when the banker gets a winning three-card 7.
  3. The Kill Bet or Kill the Ox/Tiger pays 30-1 when a player receives a three-card 7 and does not win or gets a three-card six and does not win.

Difference Between Dai Bacc and the Mini-Baccarat

To reiterate, the intrinsic rule of these two card games is the same. The only difference is that Dai Bacc is the non-commission version of the Mini-Baccarat in which the wagers on the banker push when the latter receives a winning three-card 7.


How to Play Dai Bacc

This commission-free version of regular Baccarat allows players to make high-paying bonus bets that include bets on the “player” hand, the “kill bet,” and the “banker” hand. This means you can win even though you lose your main bet.


Rules of the Game

  1. Players can bet on the “banker” hand or “player” hand and even place a wager on any or all “bonus bets” at the same time.
  2. The house dealer deals one card face down to the right and one to the left until each hand has two cards.
  3. The regular Baccarat draw rules for the player and banker are then applied.
  4. Each bet is resolved after the Baccarat hand is completed.
  5. The losing bets are taken, while the winning bets on the player or banker are paid equally.
  6. There is no commission on the winning banker bets. In the event that the banker receives a three-card draw to 7, all its bets are pushed.
  7. The Ox Bet is paid 40 to 1 when the player hand receives a winning three-card 6. The same rule applies to the Tiger Bet in which the banker gets a winning three-card 7.
  8. The Kill Bet is paid 30 to 1 when the Ox Bet loses with a three-card player 6, or the Tiger Bet loses with a three-card banker 7.
  9. In the event of a tie, all side bets lose except the Kill Bet that can win under these conditions:
    • The player’s two-card 7 ties with the banker’s three-card 7.
    • The player’s three-card 6 ties with the banker’s two-card 6.
    • The banker hand and the player hand tie with a three-card total of 6 or 7.

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