Pure 21.5 Black Jack

Pure 21.5 Blackjack follows the same basic principle of traditional blackjack. The goal of the game is to be the first one to reach a total of 21.5 (without going over) by having the following cards: King, Queen, Jack, or Ten Bonus Card and an ace card during the first two cards dealt. Let’s delve deeper into the rules of this card game.

How to Play Pure 21.5 Blackjack

In a 180-degree seating arrangement, eight players on a raised table face the house dealer. The minimum and maximum wager is then set and displayed for everyone to see along with the collection fee.

To comply with the California Penal Code, the card game must only have five authorized collection rates. Then, a player-dealer is assigned to place a wager that will then be used to pay the winners.

Once the bets are in, the game can start.

If you have the ace, King, Queen, Jack, or Ten Bonus card, you can win this casino game. But if both the player and the player-dealer have Pure 21.5 Blackjack, as a wager it has no effect on your stance. The game starts with two cards facing up that are given to each player by the dealer. Subsequently, only one card will be left facing down. There are times when the dealer will show an ace facing up, which gives the player an insurance, i.e., an additional bet signifying that the dealer has the blackjack.

Once it becomes apparent that the dealer doesn’t have the blackjack, each player can choose among the following moves:

  • Hit. The player asks another card from the dealer
  • Stay. The player wants to retain whatever cards he has
  • Double down. The player wants to double the bet and get one more card.
  • Split. Once you have received a pair and decided to split, you can have two separate hands.Subsequently, the dealer gives one additional card to each player. Once the players have their cards, they may choose again whether to hit, stay, double down, or split. Should you decide to split, a bet should be placed again that’s equal to the one you wage initially.

After all the players have had their turn, the dealer will then have a turn and keep on doing a hit until the point has reached 17 or higher. If the dealer is done with his turn, anyone who is close to 21.5 and has a closer score than the dealer is the game’s winner.


Player's Reward Card

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