10 Good Reasons to Leave the Poker Table

Poker is a fun and challenging game to play; put it on a gambling table, and it changes everything. Because of its nature, Poker is easily one of the most addictive games out there, and sometimes players just can’t discern when to leave the table.

So, to help our dear patrons out there, we are writing a three-part series that can serve as alarm bells to signal it is time to get up and call it a day.


  1. Out of cash

This is one of the most obvious reasons that players fail to acknowledge; because of this, many are trapped in debt. Players often think that they can always turn the tide around and they need just a few more chances. When this mentality kicks in, it is hard to get out of it. Starting it off from borrowing a $100, eventually, it becomes a $1,000, and before they know it, they have pawned their car for a game.

Do not a few hundred dollars of losses lead you into this wormhole. If you already lost the money you intend to play with, it is best to get up and try another day again when you have the money for it.


  1. The game has gone south

With poker, you never know how a round is going to turn out, and sometimes your first game is as bad as it can get. But there are those days that you can feel luck overflowing because you’ve been winning all four straight rounds and players seem to change every hour in the past three hours and yet you remained unbeatable.

Then suddenly, one chair is vacant, later it became two, and you waited for joiners, but there’s just nobody up for it. Instead of wasting your time waiting for something that might not arrive, why not take your winnings and enjoy the rest of the evening?

We all love excitement and adrenaline, but when the game has run out of adventures to throw at you, it is not a bad idea to get up and find amusement somewhere else.


  1. Responsibilities knocked

Poker is an excellent activity to pass the time or leisure. It’s a great way to bond with friends, distress, and challenge yourself, but sometimes an unseen circumstance will present itself the least players expect it.

Incidents like an emergency at home or you remembered you left the toaster plugged are only a few of the things that a player should not neglect. No game should be more important than family, and no bet should be more important than losing a home or a car.

As responsible adults, players should be able to determine their priorities even when they are enjoying a game.


  1. Overtime

Some games go on for hours, and there are some that end as quickly as it began. Some players lose track of time and before they know it, the entire day has gone to playing cards.

Give yourself a schedule and limit. Decide how many hours you can stay in the casino and when that limit is reached, be sure to leave the table. It is a small act of discipline that can help train a player’s mindset to play within his means and capacity.

If you intend to play for three hours and noticed that you had stayed longer than expected, finish the game and get up on your feet. Whether it’s a win or lose on the table, a person with discipline would always win.


  1. No more hands to play

Coming into a game, a lot of players have a favorite starting hand. Sometimes, the obsession with playing that hand is intense that players really wait on the cards to show up. But, after a few rounds, some would realize that they cannot play that hand and decide to change strategies.

Starting off with a new plan, another round comes in but the cards remain cold for an excellent suite.

Learn when to fold in a game, if these events kept on happening for a few rounds, maybe lady luck is just in the mood, and it’s best to call it off a day.

When there are no more hands to play, it is best to leave the table instead of having a bad night and gambling all your cash away.


  1. It is a tilt day

You wake up in the morning feeling like it is going to be a good day at the poker table. So you trooped to  Capitol Casino feeling confident and energetic.

But, just as the game began, you started making more bluffs than usual and making bad calls on the river. You began to feel defeated and hopeless as four rounds of the game ended in your favor.

When this happens, maybe you should consider playing the game another day. A tilt day never ends well. Playing on a tilt day will snatch more money than you think and give you unreasonable mood swings.

Instead of going that path, get up find something fun to do to turn the day around!


  1. Hunger kicks in

No matter how good the game you are playing, do not neglect your stomach. A lot of poker players suffer from hyperacidity and stomach ulcers because they refuse to get up and get food for a few hours.

While a good game is hard to come by, paying the hospital a visit may not be as fun. It is even more worrisome when you have to check-in the ward for a few days because your stomach refused the food that you are feeding it.

Keep in mind that health is wealth and your body is your best investment in the poker league.


  1. Your anxiety paid a visit over not wanting to lose more money

It is always a great evening if you are winning, but the same cannot be said when you are losing. For some players, what they intended to be relaxing, the fun evening just turned sour and became a losing streak.

They played, even more, trying to recover what they lost, unfortunately, since their mind is focused on not losing any more money, they are playing the worst hands and calling the easiest bluffs.

When your cash bandwidth falls, and you are below your intended budget, better to leave the game than suffer anxiety and lose more money.


  1. You think about not losing your winnings

It has been a great evening, and your winning streaks are on a  roll! But your mind starts playing games about people turning the tide on you.

When this thought fills your mind, do not be greedy. Stop and take your winnings. There is no rule in the game that stops winners from walking away and enjoying their fortune.

Leaving the table is the best call of action instead of sitting on a table thinking about not losing your winnings. The fun stops when your anxiety starts knocking on the door.


  1. You’re drunk

A few drinks while in the game is fun. But having too many beers and staying a little longer than usual might not be a good idea. When people are intoxicated by alcohol, they do not think straight. And since poker is a game of nerves and brains, you are losing on both ends.

When you start feeling a little bit tipsier than you would usually feel, be sure to call in your buddy to police you that you should head home after the round you are currently playing.

By leaving the poker table, you do not only make yourself safe, but you also help maintain a safe environment for other players.

Capitol Casino aims to provide the best game experience to all its patrons but more than enjoyment, we hope to raise awareness on responsible playing. We are open 24 hours, a few hours off our gaming rooms is not too much. A player can always come back after dealing with life’s more important matters like family, work, and health.