World’s best poker robot is getting smarter

Posted on: February 11, 2017

Have you ever heard of a poker-playing robot that runs on artificial intelligence and is capable of beating some of the world’s best (human) poker players by a wide margin? Believe it or not, this is not science fiction and there really is an AI poker bot that has been making even the professional players look like amateurs! Over the course of a 20-day no-Limit Texas Hold’em competition, the AI bot, named Libratus by its creators at Carnegie Melon University, ended up being ahead of all its human competitors by six figures, a total of $677,000 to be exact.

How does the poker bot do it?

While they weren’t willing to reveal any of the techniques in detail that were used by Libratus throughout the competition, the creators of this robotic poker master did say that its algorithms run on a supercomputer that is constantly running, which means that its strategies are always evolving and improving based on the information that it learns each hand. In other words, Libratus evolves its poker skills similar to the way that we all do but at an exponentially faster and more efficient pace.

Libratus and the future of poker

In terms of what this robot poker phenomenon means for the future of poker and everyday poker players like us, one of the ways the poker community benefits from this technological advance is that we learn more about poker strategies that can help us improve our game. But when it comes to the real face to face games taking place all around the world, how does a robot really influence how we play and compete in various games of poker?

The short answer is that it doesn’t. While Libratus is no doubt interesting and a feat in and of itself, poker is really meant to be a face-to-face game of wits and mental stamina. Think about online poker for example, while popular among some, the online aspect completely takes away one of the main aspects of poker that makes it what it is-being face to face with your opponent. Yes, the cards are what matters in poker but ultimately, this game was made to be played around a table with other players so that you can read, watch, and interpret their tells with each and every hand.

Why poker rooms are the ideal for poker players

As a poker player, you’re always looking for the best experience from a game of poker no matter where or how you decide to play. So why go online or opt to play against a machine when you can experience the thrill of what poker is meant to be by playing amongst your friends and peers at one of the best poker rooms in Sacramento? A night of poker playing at Capitol Casino beats playing against a machine or an AI poker bot every time, especially when that poker comes alongside a variety of other entertainment and dining options.

So while advancements in technology will continue to create amazing wonders that change how we look at poker momentarily, our love for the face-to-face competition and energy felt during a game of poker at Capitol Casino is something that can’t be replicated by AI.