Why You Should Go to Our Tournaments When You Have Nothing to Do on a Saturday Night

Posted on: January 4, 2019


Some Saturday nights are awesome, while others…. A bit meh. You tried scanning on a good flick on the TV but no luck; tried surfing through Netflix but no good; even went through your stash of old DVDs but it’s not that evening. So, why not try something new and visit us at Capitol Casino in Sacramento California for an evening of fun and games? Still not convinced? Then we are giving you three reasons why you should just put on those shoes and spend your weekend evening with us:

  • 1. Make some money
    Making money is always a good idea; but, making money while having fun is an even better option. An evening on the poker table with a buy in of less than $60 per game with a winning pot of as much as a $1,000 is not bad. With lady luck on your side and a good deal of cards, you might just go home with a huge smile on your face and a pocket full of cash. Check out our schedule of tournaments on capitol-casino.com and you might want to join one of them.
  • 2. Meet new friends
    Opponents today, friends tomorrow. If your friends are too busy or occupied for a Saturday night out, then maybe it’s time to meet new people. Your opponents on the table can be your friends after a round of poker. If you’re either professionals or novices, then there is no reason why you can’t have a conversation piece. You might want to talk about how that game went on and what possible strategies you could have used to win it. You might not have won the pot, but you surely have won a new Saturday friend.
  • 3. Try something new
    If you have never been inside a casino in Sacramento, California, then today might be a good time to visit. Trying something new is always a good experience. Whether you’re playing baccarat, a blackjack, or poker, you’ll never know what you like until you try. If you think these games are too complicated for you, our attendants at Capitol Casino can help you out. For starters, playing a baccarat only means you have to get a number closer to nine or nine itself; black jack wants you to get a 21, and poker needs you to beat the hands of your opponents while using the two cards dealt to you and the three cards on the table.

Here in Capitol Casino we don’t just encourage everyone to have fun, we also want this evening to be a great experience for everybody. That is why we are committed to bringing the best tournaments on the table to make sure we keep you excited and happy about your winnings. If you think you have enough reason to get out of the house, head on to 16th street Sacramento, California. If you still need further direction, do not hesitate to give us a call, our team at the reception will be very glad to assist you. We will be waiting! See you here at Capitol Casino!