Why Capitol Casino’s poker room is safer than playing online

Posted on: October 10, 2019

Poker is universal. Like math, the rules of poker are constant throughout the world. That is what makes it such a popular game. Players from hundreds of countries can come and play together. They understand each other even without so many words. Because of its fame, technology has adapted to the demands of poker games. As early as the 90s, poker has been played online. The games were played for free at first. However, that changed in 1998. Playing poker online became almost like the real thing with money getting involved. No matter how comfortable playing at home is, nothing beats the experience of a live poker game. Today, you’ll find out why.  

  1. The experience is different. 

When you imagine poker games, the first thing that comes to your mind is the glitz and glamour found in the casino floors. You think of the sound of the roulette playing ever so softly in the background or the piercing gaze of the viewers waiting for your next move. Poker is not just about cards. Poker is an experience. The best way to play it is in casinos. Poker was designed to be played live, wherein you can see other players around you. You must enjoy it in the way it is intended to be played.   

  1. Live poker is a social gathering. 

Playing online poker can be lonely. While a lot of online platforms offer chat boxes, this feature is barely used by the players. It means that when people go online to play that’s all there is to it, most of the time. Online poker players do not play to mingle and socialize with other people — the exact opposite of the live poker experience.  When you are in front of a computer screen, you cannot make your poker face. Half the fun of poker is about reading people and their poker faces!  

  1. There are reports of alleged rigged online poker games. 

While it is not officially confirmed yet, numerous articles have been issued due to the possibility of rigged games. One of the concerns usually raised are players who cheat. The cheating happens when a person poses as multiple players and plays against themselves. There is also the alleged presence of insiders fixing games. These reports have not been confirmed yet, but those who like to take extra pre-caution have the right to know the possible risks in online poker.   

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