What Not to Do When Playing Poker

Posted on: December 3, 2019

Many things do not go well with Poker. These are the things that any poker player must strive to avoid, so they may fully enjoy the poker game and steer clear of bad decisions. While some of these are pretty widely known and common, we want to reiterate them to highlight their possible negative effects.   

There are things that you should not do when playing Poker.  

 Getting drunk 

We all have seen movies about this. The drunk poker player bets his company in a mere scrap of tissue paper. He loses the game, and he loses his company. It is a classic example of why alcohol cannot be paired with a good, old poker game. Poker is a mind game. You need all your mental faculties when playing. When you are affected by alcohol, your inhibitions are lowered. When you are drunk, you make terrible decisions. No matter how cool it looks to drink scotch while playing Poker, try your best to avoid it. If you want to become a serious poker player, you have to have the discipline it takes to become one.  

Checking your phone all the time 

Some poker tables allow the use of phones during games, especially in these modern times, when phones are essential. Poker games can go for 45 minutes to hours depending on the players, so you might feel the urge to check on your phone for messages and calls. Glancing on your phone once in a while is perfectly fine. But, never think that it is okay for you to actively use your phone for long periods while it is not your turn. It is incredibly impolite and disruptive. You can also be accused of possible cheating. If you are expecting an urgent call or text, please refrain from playing. Do what you have to do first. When you are ready and fully available, you can sit in the poker table.  

Staring too much 

Yes, reading people is part of the game. Trying to anticipate their moves, looking for the other players’ “tells” are all expected. However, it is rude to stare for long periods. Beginners usually do this. They try their best to read their opponents. Reading your opponents can be done subtly and politely. There is no reason to look at them as though they were a turkey filled with stuffing on Thanksgiving Day.  

Trash talking 

Trash talking is a thing you should never do on the poker table. Leave that for a basketball game night. When you have a strong hand, do not act prematurely and go on bashing and trash-talking other players. You do not know if you will surely win. Playful and respectful banter is fine and appreciated to keep the game interesting, but know your limits.  

 Living like a millionaire 

At times, Poker can bring out the fancy in you. Especially when you are playing in a nice casino, you might feel the impulse to bring out all your money and play to your heart’s desire. When playing Poker, you need to do a reality check once in a while. Think long and hard before betting your hard-earned money. Know your priorities.  Do not gamble money that you do not have. Most especially, do not bet money allotted for more important things like your son’s college tuition or this month’s rent.  

These are things that you must never do when playing Poker. Are you ready to take your chance and prove yourself on the poker table? Visit us at Capitol Casino and try your luck!