What Movie Portrayals Get Poker Wrong?

Posted on: February 26, 2019

Action movies always have a scene where a hero gets to play poker with his lady luck. In an intense battle of wits, drama, and lots of eye-locking, the hero takes it all. But do these scenes accurately tell how poker is played? Sometimes, even casinos are set out to a bad light. It is either a den of thieves or a place crawling with hoodlums and mafia goons. However, we’re here to clear things up once and for all. Below is the list of how movies wrongly portray our favorite game – Poker:


A game of poker always starts with the small blind or the right of the dealer and ends with the person at the right most. In short, the game moves clockwise from the dealer and this rule will remain as it is up until the Poker gaming association with millions of members decide to change it otherwise.

Unfortunately, for some movie scenes, that is not the case. Most movies will build up the tension for the hero and make it seem like the antagonist gets the pot. Only to be revealed in the end, even if the hero is seated at the river and his opponent sits beside the dealer, that he won the game.


A lot of movies get this one wrong. Players can only come to the table and leave the table if the game has officially opened for other players or joiners. Sitting on your own without the permission of the dealer is just against poker ethics. On the table, the dealer is the king. He has to acknowledge you before you can put your chips on the table and play the game.


A lot of times the hero’s winning hand comes to complete a straight royal flush, which by science of chance is as rare as 60,000 combinations is to one. Which means, the hero must’ve been playing for a while before he got that. But in the movies, the heroes sits on his first table and wins the pot, gets the bonus and wins the girl!

Isn’t it pure fiction?


This is probably the most incorrect portrayal of all things casinos. Various fight scenes take place inside the casino because the big bad boss likes to hang out there to do business. In other depictions, the casino is the last place a person goes to before he totally throws away his life and wastes away.

As it’s opposite, casinos are actually a sign of progress. It is a legitimate business that provides employment, pays its taxes, and gives entertainment. If you need more proof, then come on over to Capitol Casino in Sacramento, California and enjoy a night of good food, music, and enjoyable table games like Poker!