Types of Poker Players

Posted on: November 5, 2016

The game of poker has and continues to be a game beloved by millions of people around the world, and the reasons why people enjoy playing this particular game of cards spans from the love of intense competition to the desire to win big money, and even the love of the psychological nature of poker itself.

This last reason, the fact that many of us play because we love to win at a game of wits, is one that nearly every poker player can relate to, as most of us appreciate the mental skills it takes to be a solid poker player.

So to help give you an edge over some of the common types of poker players you will face when playing at popular places like Capitol Casino Sacramento, we have put together a list of 6 types of poker players you are likely to meet at some time during your poker-playing lifetime.

  1. The Aggressive Outcast: Think of this player as the quick and decisive gunslinger type who 
always plays a little on edge, looking for the next play, and doesn’t bother playing by any sort of etiquette. When around a poker table at Capitol Casino Sacramento with an aggressive outcast type player, you can bet that you are bound to win money if you are patient enough, simply because this type of player will play it pretty fast and loose with the chips.
  2. Internet Poker Fanatics: Out of all poker player types, the internet poker fanatic is probably the easiest to identify, and the easiest to take advantage of once you learn their particular chart. Since they spend practically all of their poker-playing hours behind a screen, their tells and cues are always present when playing somewhere like Capitol Casino Sacramento, as they are not used to playing alongside other people. As a result, they often try to hide in an oversized hoodie and baseball cap, typically a dead giveaway.
  3. The Rock (aka, the ‘Nit’, or the tight-passive player): This type of poker player, while flying under the radar and avoiding confrontation as much as possible, ends up being one of the most efficient types of poker players. A nit-poker player is one who plans and prepares for each poker session, usually a pot-limit or no-limit game, by playing only the premium hands usually having the hand every time they do.
  4. The Flexer: You can recognize these types of players by their overt need to control the other players at the table, mostly through their active and aggressive play; three-bet, four-bet, peel, etc. Despite how tough their style of play may appear, they do not always put their money where their mouths are when it comes to playing big hands, so keep an eye out for this type of player next time you are at Capitol Casino Sacramento.
  5. The Bragger: Perhaps the most annoying of all poker player types, the boaster at the poker table always talks a big game when they are winning, complains about bad luck when they are losing, and is constantly bragging about their recent poker success (whether or not said success actually happened or not). In terms of playing against this type of player, the best advice is to ignore the talk and pay attention to the hands.
  6. The Reg: Last but not least, we have the regular; the poker player who always seems to get the best of you on every single hand without ever breaking a sweat. When playing at Capitol Casino Sacramento you are bound to face a few regulars every night, so the best thing to do is to learn from a Reg what you can before they take all your money!

Whatever type of poker player you find yourself playing the next time you are at Capitol Casino, remember that everyone has their own style; the trick is to learn what it is first so you can figure out how to beat it.