Tips for managing your emotions while playing poker

Posted on: May 15, 2019

Since poker is a game of mind and endurance, it takes a toll on the body, on the player’s emotion among other things. When players start to lose their cool, that’s when they start losing the game.

Focus is difficult to achieve when you go against the big boys on the table, but not impossible. With the right mindset, determination, and discipline, even a novice poker payer can win against the pros.

So, to help newbies fight their way to the top, we are listing the top three most important tips to keep in mind to keep your emotions in check when playing poker.


Confidence is always a good thing. It helps keep our spirits high and our outlook positive. But sometimes, overconfidence can lead to delusional expectations and exaggerated ambitions.

Keeping confidence in check helps keep a clear mind. In a game of wits and nerves, losing sight of reality is the biggest mistake a person can make. As for poker, even bluffs are strategically made. If you are playing the game with air in your head, you might not catch bluffs early on and become the victim of this trick.

Be sure to keep a healthy dose of doubt in your pocket to give room for the unexpected.


Poker is a game of endurance, playing too many rounds in a row can burn you out quickly; and, it gets worse when you go on a losing streak. Playing poker requires its players to be self-aware to be able to police themselves.

Going on a losing spree may be a sign to get up from the table, get some fresh air, and recollect your strategies and thoughts. If you have a friend with you, it might be best to talk to him or her other matters besides poker.

No matter the stakes are, be sure to enjoy the game.


A lot of players do not draw the line of where enough is enough. Some people go bankrupt in a night because of the mentality that they just need one more game to win all they have lost.

To avoid this trap. Be sure to bring only the cash that you intend to put on the table. When your cash burns, do not be tempted to borrow or get another stash. Form this habit as a discipline and security measure for you and your family.

A lot of newbies have gone berserk after losing more than four times the intended amount they wish to play with; some pawned their cars and their homes.

Poker is a game meant to be enjoyed and since it is a gamble, do not take it to heart when you lose money. Letting your emotions run you during a game and a luckless night can be a lousy combo.

Here at Capitol Casino, we want all our patrons to enjoy the games that we offer and remain a responsible citizen outside our doors. If you want more tips and tricks, feel free to visit our website and know more about poker and other tables that you can join.