Tips for your First Visit to a Sacramento Casino

Posted on: September 27, 2017

If it is your very first trip to a Sacramento casino there are probably a lot of things running through your mind. Questions about what is acceptable behavior, what you should or should not do or say, and how you can make sure that you leave with more money than you came in with. The possibility of winning big creates an exciting thrill that can seem to be almost contagious. However, you should not walk blindly into a casino without any prior preparation. The casino world has its own culture complete with lingo, nonverbal signals, etiquette and more. You do not want to stick out as a total newbie because you definitely do not want other more experienced players to feel that they have an edge over you and take advantage of you. The following tips will help you to fit in and have a great first experience on your casino trip!

House Edge

The majority of casino games are games of chance, so they are designed in such a way that you will always win some, but mathematically the casino wins a small percentage of each bet you make. This casino advantage is known as the “house edge”. This is the design of the games and there is nothing that can be done to completely eliminate house edge, so your best bet is to implement strategy that will lower the edge as much as possible.

Especially when you are new to casino games, one of the best ways to lower house edge is to select the right games for you. Games with the lowest house edge include blackjack, and baccarat. Casino poker has no house edge whatsoever because this game is a competition against other players. Learn the rules to the games before arriving and maybe even try watching a few rounds to understand the dynamic before jumping straight in.

Bankroll Management

Managing an appropriate bankroll will allow you to relax at the casino rather than stressing about every dollar you bet. If you previously set up a bankroll saving a few dollars here and there specifically for the purpose of being spent at the casino then you know that you are only gambling with what you can afford to lose. This system does however require you to exercise intense willpower when you come to the end of your bankroll and you feel you might be on the brink of a breakthrough. You should be aware that casinos always offer ATMs and other ways for you to easily access cash, so you need to know your limits before you enter.

Use a Player’s Club Card

This might be one of the best tips that can be given to help you really appear like you belong in the casino and you clearly know what you are doing. When you show up at the casino get and consistently use a Player’s Club card. The casino likes to monitor and know how frequently players are playing and what they are betting and the card allows them to do that. However, it will also provide you with tons more perks and benefits. New players can be offered free meals, free play or other bonuses. As you continue to use your card the casino will reward you with all kinds of bonuses based on your wagers.