Tips for Beginner Gamblers

Posted on: February 21, 2017

It can be intimidating for a first timer to approach the electrifying casino floor. Experienced players and dealers seem to make decisions and play through games so quickly that it can be hard to even learn the rules for a newbie. The following are a few tips to help a newbie feel comfortable on their first visit to the casino.
Know Your Limit
The first rule to remember when it comes to gambling is to know your limit. Before you even come to Capitol Casino, set a specific cutoff point for yourself and bring no more than that exact amount in cash. Come knowing that there is a possibility that you will walk out without that allotment of money, so treat it as an evening out of entertainment. Once you hit that limit, LEAVE. Do not put yourself in financial danger for just one fun night out.
Another key to maximizing your time spent gambling, is understanding table limits. Each table has a minimum amount of money that you must bet for each round. This amount can be found on a sign posting somewhere near the table. Tables with lower table limits will help you to spread your budget throughout the whole night rather than blowing it in one game. Table limits vary all the time, so you need to constantly be rechecking the price ofy our favorite tables. Also, remember that lower table minimums can be found more abundantly during non-peak hours, such as mornings.

Start with Slots
To ease yourself into the gambling game, start with the slot machines. They are a fun and easy way to start getting excited about the possibilities of winning big. The instructions are fairly simple: Pick a machine you like, push a button or pull a lever, win or lose, do it again. The slots require no skill to win because the outcomes are determined by what is called a random number generator created by a computer program.
TIP: With slots, at the beginning you might want to stick to fixed max payout machines. Compared to progressive jackpots, with fixed maximum outcome machines, you tend to have higher odds at winning. The jackpot is a much smaller number, which attracts fewer players; therefore, upping the odds for each player who chooses those particular machines.

Move on to Roulette
Once you get tired of the lights, whistles and levers of the slots you might feel ready to move on to a table game. Before diving right into blackjack or texas hold’em, we recommend that you get comfortable with Roulette. THis game, like the slots, require no particular skill, but more interaction. You just place some chips wherever you’d like on the board and the little white ball will bounce across the screen as you wait hoping that the ball lands where you picked. The main thing to remember in this game of luck is that placing a chip directly on a number is a risky strategy, but yields the greatest payout.

Follow casino etiquette
Your final casino tip is to follow basic casino etiquette norms to help everyone have an enjoyable experience. To make this rule a little more specific we will outline some basics. Seats at the table are for players only and there is no cell phone usage allowed while you are at the tables. If you win, wait until the dealer pushes your winning towards you, rather than impolitely grabbing them from the center of the table. If you are waiting to jump into a game, wait until the hand in progress is over.
Another big social casino norm is to remember to tip your dealer. Of course, this is not requisite for playing a game and you won’t receive any penalty for not tipping a fair amount or not at all. However, to keep up with the social standard you should tip about half of whatever the minimum bet is set at every hour. You have a few tipping options: use chips, place a bet for your dealer, but do not use cash.

Anybody can come to Capitol Casino and have a good time, no matter your gambling experience level. Remember that Capitol Casino offers table gambling games only! With these few simple tips you will be on your way to being a seasoned professional in no time.