Tips to Avoid Bad Casino Bets

Posted on: February 15, 2017

No matter what game of skill or which type of poker you prefer to play when you’re at your favorite casino, no one wants to feel like a sucker at the end of the night. Sure, everyone is bound to lose money at some point when gambling but believe it or not, sometimes we’re playing to the house’s advantage without even realizing it!

While we all know the basic odds of winning at games like baccarat, blackjack, etc, not all of us are as familiar with which bets we should and should not make based on those odds. So before your next trip to Capitol Casino, do yourself a favor and read up on some of the gambling tips we have listed below that could help save you from making a bad bet!

Blackjack tips:

-Pay attention to the payout: Blackjack is popular largely due to the fact that the odds for it are usually 3:2, with the keyword here being usually. According to, many casinos are now gravitating instead more towards payouts of 6:5, titling the odds further in favor of the house. Be aware of the payout rules every time you play!
-Know the rule for dealer’s soft 17: The soft 17 hand is when you have an ace (valued at either one or eleven) and a six. Certain casinos are now allowing the dealer to ‘hit’ on a soft 17 instead of just ‘standing’, which accumulates to a substantial advantage for the dealer since they can then get a higher average score total.
-Avoid splitting 10’s: This is probably something you have heard before, yet players still get suckered into splitting their 10’s when they get the chance; do not do this! Experts say that no matter what the dealer is holding splitting 10’s is never a strong move.

-Think twice about buying insurance: While it may sound appealing to be able to place an ‘insurance’ bet if the dealer shows an ace, this ultimately adds up to a big win for the dealer and a steady loss for you.

Poker tips:

–Beware of high house rakes: Since poker is a game of skill and the goal is primarily to win against the other players at the table and not the dealer, most casinos will compensate by taking what is known as a ‘rake’, or a portion of the pot that is basically a fee. Typically, the rake is capped around 3 or 4 dollars but always watch out for the super high rake at some poker tables.
–Watch out for ties in Pai Gow: Pai Gow Poker is different because you actually do play against the dealer instead of other players, and in the case of a tie, the win goes to the dealer, giving the house a bigger edge.

Above all, don’t let other players sucker you! The quickest way to become the sucker at the poker table is by letting the other players sucker you! Since poker is a game of skill predicated on deception, knowing how to hold yourself is key especially when it comes to your emotions and body language. And while the point is not about taking the game too seriously, remember that they don’t call it a poker face for nothing!