7 Things to avoid saying to a Winning Gambler

Posted on: August 24, 2017

We all love watching a Winning Gambler when they are on a winning streak. It’s fun to get caught up in the moment and shout words of encouragement, but make sure you aren’t yelling the following:

#7 – “You’re on a winning run, you can’t lose!” Gambling is a game of chance, and eventually everyone will lose a game. Gamblers are also very superstitious and if they hear you telling them they “can’t lose”, you have basically jinxed them and guess who they are going to blame for their loss? The best thing is to just congratulate them on their winnings and keep losing thoughts to yourself.

#6 – “Drinks are on you!” Just because someone is winning and has a lot of chips in front of them, doesn’t mean that they have a lot of money to blow on drinks or dinner for everyone in the casino. You don’t know the persons financial situation so it’s not up to you to tell them how they should be spending their winnings.

#5 – “Can you lend me some chips?” This also goes along with not knowing the gamblers financial situation. They might have a fat stack of chips in front of them, but it doesn’t mean that they have chips to give away. Plus you will start sounding like a charity case if you keep asking people for chips, and they have zero obligation to lend you their winnings.

#4 – “Dude, tip the dealer more!” There is no set rule for how much or how often you have to tip the dealer.  You don’t technically have to tip the dealer at all. It’s an individual preference and the decision should be kept to the individual. If you happen to be a big tipper it’s not your place to decide if everyone else should follow suite and tip as you do.

#3 – “If you bet more, you’ll win more!” Don’t ever tell anyone how to bet. The gambler could be following a certain strategy and you will only annoy them by butting in and giving your opinion. It is their money that they are winning or losing and it should be their decision how they play the game.  And remember that if you bet more, you lose more…

#2 – “Awesome! Your big win cancels out my big loss!” Saying this will only make the gambler feel bad about their big win. Your loss is not something that you need to bother others with. Congratulate them on their win and keep your own finances to yourself.

#1 – “Don’t bet so much next time, you’re going to lose eventually…”Every spin of the dice and every turn of the card is completely random. Thinking someone is due for a loss because they’re on a winning streak is the same as thinking you’ll win big soon because you’ve been losing horrible.

Gambling is a game of chance. Keep things positive, keep your finances to yourself and just have fun!