Things to Look For When You’re Visiting a Poker Room

Posted on: August 21, 2018

The Poker Checklist

Casinos, hotels, and game houses continue to expand the number of their poker tables and they have every reason to do so because the popularity of this game never seems to fade.So, here are the seven things to watch out for when visiting a poker room for the first time:

1.The Number of Gaming Table

Players have to consider the number of seats the room can accommodate. This is not only to make sure all players are given a chance to play but also for safety and security purposes. An over populated game room is both a good and a bad sign-good because it means the game room has patrons; bad because the establishment failed to deliver a good playing ambience.

2.The Hourly Rate or The Rake

Some gaming rooms have either the rake rate or the hourly rate. For the benefit new gamers, a rake rate is like a commission taken by the game room operators that is part of the winning pot. In case there is no rake, then surely it is an hourly rate which can be more expensive because casinos can charge a fee every 30 minutes depending on the number of players who wants to buy-in to the game.

3.The Tournaments

Players flock a game room because of tournaments hosted by the house. It pays to know when tournaments start or end for better scheduling of games. This way, a player can pretty much gauge what time he or she needs to be in the game house and how long does he or she want and will be able to play without being disturbed by the on-going tournament.

4.F and B Services ( Table side food and drinks)

It might seem obvious to have table side food and beverages served during games but so players are sure, an inquiry never killed anyone. Some houses would have a lounge and a smoking area where players can relax before or after a game and therefore may not have a tableside F and B service.. These are simple things that can guarantee a seamless gaming night.


These activities happen often when a new game house opens or if gaming rooms are celebrating milestones. Whatever the occasion, knowing when these things happen can be beneficial to all gamers. Promos can vary from lower buy-in costs, free drinks, longer playing time, to cash gifts.

6.Loyalty Perks and Privileges

A lot of game houses or casinos give or have a loyalty program that allows members exclusive treats and preferential treatments. It is good to know about these things so a player can earn his way to the best lounge in the casino or score freebies during a game.

7.Biggest Pot Won

A player should always ask how much is the largest pot ever won in the game house, whether it a new casino, an old game house, or staple room in town. This way, players can have a feel and can survey the risk appetite of the players in the game house. This provides a mindset to the player before getting a seat on the table or buying-in to a game.