The Art of Bluffing

Posted on: October 31, 2018

Bluffing – Is it necessary? Is it part of the game? Does it win you a pot?
Some would say it’s 3 out of 3, while others may comment 2 out of 3. But whatever the score, wouldn’t it be fun to throw a few bluffs on the table and see how the other players would react? However, with great bluff, comes great responsibility. Bluffing could be one of the oldest but greatest trick in the book, but it can also give away hints on what cards are on your hand.
But worry no more, as we are giving you these top 10 tips and tricks for a successful bluffing night:

1. Bluffing is a tool, not the game
It is one of the most fun parts of the game. It reveals a lot about the players like their character and strategy. It is a craft that needs a lot of practice because it has to be perfected to work on the table. This trick works like magic but needs exercise for the illusion to work. You don’t want to be caught lying when you are targeting that pot.

2. Timing is everything
A bluff is most effective when the real situation calls for it. You don’t want to use this weapon and be caught red handed. Losing this ability on the table is as close as folding. Check for signs of weakness from other players and see who is the most vulnerable to the bluff.

3. Build your own style
All poker players have their own game style. For bluffs to be effective, the player has to establish a character— a persona that they can refer to when playing on the table. Are you the noisy guy with a bottle of beer or the dude who wears sunglasses inside a room? Whatever style you choose, commit to it. It is easier to nudge people to the other side of the fence when they have an expectation.

4. SSShhhh
Keep your mouth closed. Say the fewest words if possible. Poker players are the most attentive people on Earth, they take hints from every little body movement, facial expression, and slip of the tongue. If unsure, better hold your horses and deal with it in silence.

5. Don’t celebrate early
Remember there is a reason why old people never count the chicks before the eggs hatch. The same with poker; everything can change depending on the play of hands and the available deck. Your luck might run out just when you thought you have it all figured out.

6. Know who will sit
Since players have their own style on the game table, it is best to do a little bit of scouting before taking that seat and oozing with confidence. A well informed player already has one finger on the pot. Know how your opponents usually lose or win. Chances are, there will be a pattern.

7. Practice on small bets
This goes for beginners. Since bluffing is part of the game, it also means this is a skill that can be developed over time. Learn your way through it by bluffing on small pots. At least, it wouldn’t hurt as much when you lose $10 dollars versus $100 dollars.

8. Know where to play
Bluffing usually works best with the player who has to bet after you. Why? Because, this is going to serve as a clue with little information from your actions. You will be their indicator as to how they will play the game.

9. Don’t bluff every turn
Real poker players who know how to bluff rarely does so. These people know when the conditions are favorable on their end and won’t make a move such as a bluff unless all boxes are checked.

10. Discern your position
While you are busy bluffing others, make sure the joke is not on you. But just in case it is, know when to retaliate.

Be sure to practice that wink, that smirk, or that fake laugh before using it on the table.

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So, there you have it. Happy bluffing!