Secrets of the casino world you never knew about

Posted on: April 20, 2017

The inside scoop may surprise you

We all have our own assumptions and things we believe to be true about casinos and how they operate; for example, common wisdom suggests that Sacramento casinos aren’t usually made with windows and clocks so that gamblers lose track of time and end up staying longer, thus spending more money. Or the reason that alcohol is free if you are gambling at some casinos is to, naturally keep people gambling longer.

But despite the things we think we know about card rooms and casinos, there are some facts about casinos that may surprise you and make you rethink casinos altogether.

Secret # 1: Sacramento casinos want you to spend within your means
It might be hard to believe but casinos actually don’t want you to go broke when you play at their establishment and if you think about it, there is some logic behind this casino secret. Casinos don’t expect that every gambler is a big spender, and are perfectly happy for you to spend what you are comfortable with spending- that way you can afford to come back in the future! A returning customer is more valuable then a one-time spender anyway.

Secret # 2: A casino can have a big impact on the local economy
Even though we often lose money when we play at casinos, they are a big money generator for the local cities and communities. Casinos are also a major tourist attraction and they can help bring money into local municipalities as well. And don’t forget all the employment opportunities that a casino brings to a city!

Secret # 3: Signing up for a player’s card is your best bet
In order to make the most out of any Sacramento casino experience, you need to sign up for a players card or the reward program. The point of these programs is to pay members back/reward them based on how much time and money they spend at the casino, and there are a variety of different ways that a casino can reward you. Free hotel stays, food, rides, and cash back are all examples of the rewards a casino players card can get you.

Secret # 4: American’s aren’t the best gamblers
Americans love to gamble but compared to other countries, we tend to lose more money to various types of gambling, annually. In 2013 alone for example, Americans collectively lost around 119 billion dollars to gambling, while the second-highest ranking country on the list, China lost around 76 billion by comparison (Source). This isn’t surprised considering the fact, that according to the American Bar Association, 80% of Americans gamble at least once during the year.

Secret # 5: Novice player? Baccarat might be your game
Many casino-goers fall into the trap of assuming that Baccarat is a game for experienced players only and steer clear of this relatively skill-free game as result– this is mistake that casinos want you to make. Since Baccarat has one of the best odds in the house and requires very little skill to play, it’s easy for even a novice player to have some eventual success playing this casino card game, so don’t be afraid to test your luck with Baccarat the next time you’re at Capitol Casino!