Sacramento Poker Channels on YouTube

Posted on: March 2, 2016

Whether you are a regular at all the local poker tournaments or just simply a fan of playing an occasional round of poker at Capitol Casino in Sacramento, there are always new resources available to check out which can help you improve your individual strategy and odds of winning! While many poker players rely exclusively on the strategy they learn while playing poker at the table and nothing else, the really successful players at both poker tournaments and Capitol Casino, supplement their poker knowledge with outside sources. The multitude of helpful poker channels on Youtube for example, represent one of the most widely used and helpful poker-related resources to date. YouTube poker channels offer everything from specific and detailed gaming advice, information on all of the various styles and types of poker, and even interviews with some of today’s hottest poker stars! The great thing about these poker channels is that you are guaranteed to find some poker-related information that is useful or interesting, no matter what your skill level is, or how long you have been playing poker. So before heading out to Capitol Casino in Sacramento for your next hand of poker, be sure to check out some of the following 10 top poker channels on youtube today!

  1. Poker Listings: This youtube channel is a fabulous resource or anyone who is relatively new to playing poker, as well as an awesome source for interviews and documentaries on today’s most successful poker players.
  2. Gripsed: Another popular poker channel on youtube with tons of informative content, Gripsed is the ultimate how-to source guide-from how to bluff, how to flop, and even how to win and big poker tournaments, this channel has it all!
  3. The Poker Bank: While the videos on this channel are somewhat shorter than on some of the other sites, the strategy offered here is well presented and easy to follow.
  4. Poker Stars: From strategy sessions, videos of experts playing poker at some of the biggest poker tournaments in the nation, and behind the scenes footage with today’s biggest poker stars, this channel is the ideal source for the avid poker player.
  5. Full Tilt Poker: In addition to the Full Tilt online game room, they also have this very useful Youtube channel that is full of videos which can help improve your poker game at Capitol Casino in Sacramento!
  6. Pokerschool Online: This youtube channel actually functions as a supplemental education guide for their main poker site, Poker Stars.
  7. Sky Poker: This channel is an excellent place to find tutorials on some of the basic poker plays, strategies, and terminology.
  8. Poker Central: Poker Central is a unique Youtube channel, as it is the only 24/7 poker television network available for streaming on any device.
  9. Jason Somerville: This is the channel of one of the best professional poker players around right now, Jason Somerville, you can check this channel out for a variety of useful poker information.
  10. Poker Staples: Similar in format to Jason Somerville’s channel, this Youtube channel gives you a behind the scenes look at a successful poker player’s journey.