Playing Poker With Friends?

Posted on: November 16, 2015

Playing is a way for us to maintain a healthy relationship with our social circles. It is a very effective way for us to have a great time with our friends. Playing in the casino is no exception. It’s always great to bring your friends and have fun with them. It’s a good thing to enjoy all the games that a casino like the Capitol Casino has to offer.

However, there is one thing that you can keep in mind while playing poker with your friends: COLLUSION IS ABSOLUTELY FORBIDDEN.

What is collusion?

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines collusion as a secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose. In the realms of poker, collusion is any agreement between two or more players that spoil the competitive nature of the game. Collusion in poker can be in any of the following forms and are usually done by friends who are playing poker together with other bunch of players:

1.    One player will drop out of the pot if his friend puts in a raise.

2.    A strong bet always mean a strong hand because the player will not bluff against his friend.

3.    Hand signals that are understandable only between two friends are used to inform the other of how good or bad his hand is. The other player will act accordingly.

4.    When dealing with a monster hand, the playing friends will not slow play against each other.

5.    The playing friends resort to checking every street instead of betting and raising each other when they are the only two in a hand.

These are just some of the most common ways how collusion can happen in poker but no matter what the form of collusion may be, colluding while playing poker is a really big sin against the game.

Why is collusion in poker wrong?

To understand why collusion is wrong, it’s best to know what the goal of colluding in the first place is. The most obvious answers are to prevent the other from losing because of their acts which may affect their friendship or to help the other win the prize. Both reasons defeat the essence of the game. Not only is it cheating, it’s just plain wrong because it desecrates the game itself.

For one, poker is undeniably a me-against-the-world game. It’s not a cooperative game. Collaboration would really make poker disinteresting. Furthermore, it would be an offense against all the other players.

Just think of it this way: poker is like an exam. It’s cheating to help a friend ace the exam. In as much as it is gratifying to get good grades with your own efforts, it is also all that glorifying to win a poker game without deceitful acts.

We at Sacramento Casino Capitol Casino value the virtues of camaraderie and teamwork. However, collusion is a wrong depiction of these virtues. Just keep in mind this reminder from Capitol Casino: When playing with friends, don’t forget that it’s always great to have a healthy competition. So come on and play fairly, we’re waiting for you here at Capitol Casino!