Prizes You Can Win During Our Daily Tournaments

Posted on: February 12, 2019

Not all casinos offer the same level of ambience and vibe. For us here at Capitol Casino, we pride ourselves in a game house that is superior in more ways than one, especially with our daily tournaments. Other casinos only have daily tournaments for Poker, but not here. So, read on and see what’s at stake if you come in any day of the week and join our many tournaments.


A tournament is up every Tuesday that starts at 10 in the morning. With this game, players can start with as little as a $30 buy-in and start off with 2,000 chips. For another $5, players can get 1,000 more chips as dealer appreciation. If the player wishes to re-buy in the game, he or she can do so starting with $30 and 23,000 starting chips.

If you are having a slow Tuesday night, you might want to drop by and inject some adrenaline into it. Win the pot that evening and a seat for the weekend tournament. We can’t wait to have some games with you!


Weekends are probably the most exciting days for Sacramento casinos. Every gamer is out to have fun and chase their luck. We, at Capitol Casino, know this by heart that’s why we have the most awesome tournaments happen during the weekends.

With only $85, a player can buy into the game and for $15 more he can get extra chips to sustain his game longer on the table. These tables are running at most 20 minutes to give other players a chance at luck.

What’s even more exciting is the pot money that these tournaments offer. Never miss our 1st and 2nd Saturday poker tournaments if you wanna make it big. With $1,000 added on these days the prize pool averages $8,000-$10,000 for a starting $100 buy-in.


These tournaments will earn you a $100 seat on Saturday and Sunday tournaments if you finish first place during these days.

With a minimum buy-in of $30, you can win two prizes— a seat on a weekend tournament and the evening pot. Just how much fun can that be?

But, there some rules you have to keep in mind to join these tournaments. First, players who wish to join the games should register in person. Players cannot choose their seats because it will depend on what’s available.

If you are still not sure why you are at home on a great Saturday evening, you might want to check out on why you should join our tournaments if you’re not doing anything on a Saturday night.

Better yet, give us a call. Our team at Capitol Casino would be more than happy to tell you about our tournaments. We can also answer your inquiries as mechanics of the tournaments changes without prior notice. The rules change as the game masters see fit.

If you are not from Sacramento, California, then we will be waiting for you and your lady luck. Our commitment is an awesome evening with lots of prizes to win.