Poker Tips for Beginners

Posted on: March 20, 2017

Learn poker strategies from a pro: Poker tips for beginning players from premier professional poker player, Chris Moorman
Are you new to the game of poker and need some advice on how to get started? Or maybe you just want to improve your overall game, or particular set of skills before your next big tournament? Either way no matter what level of skill you are at, every poker player can benefit from learning tips and strategies for a stronger game.
Pros stress the importance of studying for newbie poker players
So who better to turn to for experienced poker insight than a renowned professional poker player? In a recent interview with, the professional British poker superstar, Chris Moorman revealed some helpful tips and strategies for players of all experience levels and bankrolls based on his success in both online and casino poker venues. So while you may not be playing at a professional level just yet, we have made it easy for you to learn from the pros by putting together a list of tips and hints to improve your poker game.
Learn the game the right way
According to Moorman and poker experts as well, if you want to give yourself the greatest chance of succeeding as a poker player you first need to learn the game and how it’s played before jumping in head-first. Start with the basics if you have never played before by doing the necessary research; while there are a variety of different styles of poker, the goal is ultimately to win the maximum number of chips by having better hands than your opponents.
Basic rules include: (variations of the game may have different rules)

  • Ranking of cards is high to low: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace(Ace can be high or low but is usually high)
  • Four suits, spades, diamonds, hearts and club, all of equal rank
  • All poker hands contain five cards and the highest hand that hasn’t folded by the end of the round wins.

3 betting options:

    • Call –when you bet the same as what has previously been bet.
    • Raise – when you match the bet that was set since the last time you bet, and then put additional money on the bet so others then have to call your bet.
    • Fold – you forfeit the current hand, so you can’t win the pot but you also don’t have to wager any money.

Watch other players–youtube is a great resourceEven though poker rooms like Capitol Casino will usually offer free poker lessons and are staffed by friendly people who are willing to help amateur poker players learn the game, pros like Moorman suggest that new poker players take the time to watch other players to get a better feel of live play after spending all that time reading about the game, (even better, if you’re lucky enough to be friends with an experienced player you can ask them for some extra tutorials before playing your first real game).
Know your limits and optimal playing conditions
Professional poker players like Chris Moorman, while they may be playing with substantially larger bankrolls than the rest of us, still know when to call it quits based on the predetermined limit that every players sets for themselves (well, that every player should set for themselves anyway). Don’t gamble with money you can’t afford to lose and avoid gambling when tired, or when drinking.
Above all, have fun and do what you can to improve your game on your own terms. Whatever skill level you are at though, remember that the poker rooms at Capitol Casino are welcome to all types of players, from the beginners to the professionals!