Poker Tips From Dealers

Posted on: June 29, 2017

Get the inside poker scoop with advice from professional dealers

 Have you ever wondered what the dealer is thinking of your playing style every time you play poker at a casino? Whether you’ve never played at a poker room like Capitol Casino or you’re simply new to the casino poker game entirely, there is always something to learn from the dealer. Just think about how many games the average poker dealer witnesses and you can imagine how much inside knowledge they posses.

So why not take advantage of this inside poker scoop and learn the tips from some of the most seasoned poker dealers-read below for 7 tips from professional poker dealers to help give you a better understanding of the game.

  • Tip # 1: Remember that everyone starts somewhere-there’s no point in trying to hide the fact that you’re a new poker player, because according to the dealers, everyone can tell anyway. That’s why it’s best to own your naiveté by learning the game first and never taking it too seriously.
  • Tip # 2: Dont pick up those cards off the table and cover them when looking-not only does it annoy the dealer when you pick your cards up off the table, it also opens up the chance that you could have them seen, drop them, or mess up the action.
  • Tip # 3: Keep your comments to yourself-try not to broadcast your reactions to every hand or play by commenting after a fold for example, as it’s common poker etiquette to do so.
  • Tip # 4: Communicate your raises-prior to making a raise or if you are using multiple chips, you need to communicate it to the dealer by saying, ‘’
  • Tip # 5: Know when your turn is-dealers and regular poker players alike both stress the importance of waiting your turn, because if you’re not paying attention and try to play out of turn, you end up messing up your individual game and the flow of the table. It’s also okay for you to simply ask the dealer, ‘where the action is’, if you’re not sure when it’s your turn.
  • Tip # 6: Place high value chips at front of stack-this is also a traditional rule of poker courtesy and the point is to make it so that everyone at the table knows the chips they are playing against and to prevent players from tricking others that they have less than they really do.
  • Tip # 7: Take advantage of lessons and watch a low-limit cash game-many dealers emphasize to new players that they should simply watch poker being played before jumping in (in addition to taking advantage of free lessons offered at many casinos)
  • Tip # 8: Dont take it personal when corrected by a dealer-while it might be a bit embarrassing the first time it happens, don’t take it personal when the dealer makes a correction to your play-it’s their job to make sure the game is being played correct and fair. It’s a whole lot worse when the dealer doesn’t abide by the rules and the entire table gets the short end of the stick.

Last but not least, remember to have fun! No matter what level of poker you are playing at, there’s no point in playing if it isn’t fun!