Poker Podcasts to Add to your Queue

Posted on: February 10, 2020

Listening to podcasts is one great way to develop a skill or a technique. You can do it while washing the dishes or cooking dinner. Or you can make the most out of your morning commute by listening to them while you drive! You will surely learn a lot from the hosts and guests in these podcasts that can help you develop your Poker play and strategy. 

Time to clear your podcast queue so you may add these amazing Poker podcasts:  

Thinking Poker 

Thinking Poker is a weekly podcast that features interviews personalities from the world of Poker. It can either be a famous player or someone working in the background. It also features a strategy segment.  

Top Two Pokercast 

The premise of this podcast is simpler – here are two friends chatting about life and Poker. It is raw and genuine. They also read fan mails in their podcast episodes and share their stories and strategies in playing Poker. You can reach them by emailing   

Ante Up Poker Magazine 

Ante Up is the longest-running poker podcast on the internet – for a good reason. Their audience loves the fact that they go in-depth on analyzing plays and hands. They even discuss poker news and do interviews with celebrities and professional poker players. It is well-loved by many poker players around the world, that is has become one of the go-to podcasts when it comes to Poker.  

Poker Central Network  

For the latest news and gossips in the poker world, bookmark Poker Central Network. They release podcasts every week to keep their listeners in the loop. Aside from the news and gossips, they also conduct interviews with world-renowned players.  

The Poker Coaching Podcast 

Want to listen to a podcast that not only offers gaming advice but life advice as well? Tune in to The Poker Coaching Podcast with Jonathan Little. The host is a best-selling author and a two-time WPT Champion, so there is no doubt that he knows what he is doing! 

TwoPlusTwo Pokercast 

Any poker player worth his salt has probably heard of this podcast. It has been up since 2008. While they have stopped uploading new content in 2018, their repertoire of podcast episodes is still value-adding and entertaining. They had strategy discussions and interviews with famous poker players around the world.  

After listening to these podcasts, maybe it’s time to put your skills to the test. There is no use in learning about new techniques and plays if you are never going to use it. See if you have improved by visiting Capitol Casino in Sacramento and playing love poker. It is the only way you would know if the podcasts are genuinely helping! Invite a friend over to the number 1 casino room in Sacramento. After a game or two, you can enjoy a good meal and a drink or two, and discuss what transpired during the games! Maybe one day, you’ll host your own Poker podcast! In the meantime, tune in to the podcasts mentioned above and enjoy the content produced by these awesome people!