Poker Highlights of 2019

Posted on: January 27, 2020

Many iconic moments happened in the world of poker in 2019. These moments have been the source of entertainment, sadness, and excitement to poker players and poker fans alike. Today, we give you a rundown of the most memorable stories from last year’s poker scene. 

MGN Shut Down 

Let us start this list with a piece of sad news and work our way to make it better. Last year, the world was shocked by the announcement of the Microgaming Network (MGN). They have decided to shut the network down this May 2020. For 16 years, this platform was the home of online poker players, looking for a raw and fun approach. The company’s CEO, John Coleman, stated that their network model noss longer fits their strategic vision for poker.    

PSPC Tournament  

PSCP also known as the PokerStars Players NL Hold’em Championship. It is a live poker tournament with a buy-in of approximately $25,000. 2019 marked the first year of the tournament. Poker players from around the world joined in the fun. Three hundred twenty players played and flew into the Bahamas to compete for a whopping amount of $5.1 million. Róman Colillas won last year’s tournament. He won the pot money and got a sponsorship deal from PokerStars.    

Postle cheating scandal 

The entire Poker community was stunned with one of the biggest scandals last year. An allegation was made that Postle might be cheating. He has made some questionably perfect moves that made spectators wonder if there was something fishy going on. Postle defended himself. He said that he has years of poker experience. There hasn’t been a resolution to the issue yet, so the world continues to watch with careful eyes! 

Triton Charity Event

2019 was also blessed with the biggest poker tournament ever recorded in history. It happened during the Triton Charity Event. It was held in London’s Park Lane Hilton’s Grand Ballroom last August. The buy-in was at £1.05 million! Invitations were sent to the most renowned poker players and successful people in business! Chinese businessman Aaron Zang won the tournament, taking home $23 million! Talk about iconic!   

WSOP Main Event Win 

WSOP is, without a doubt, one of the most popular and prestigious poker tournaments. Last year, Hossein Ensan won $10 million! It has recorded entries of 8,569 players, being the 2nd biggest to date. It was indeed the most anticipated tournament year by year! 

Topless Dealers in Malta 

The Battle of Malta Ladies Event was heavily criticized for its attempt to a comedic run. Instead of it being fun and light, the event drew flak because some dealers were made to go topless. It was reported that the dealers had been given notice and the right to decline – but a lot of people agree that the gimmick was in bad taste.     

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