Poker Goals for 2016!

Posted on: February 1, 2016

Whether you are a seasoned professional poker player who has been playing the game for years or are just a recreational player who enjoys the occasional round of poker at Sacramento Casino Capitol Casino, it is always in your best interest to have a set of general goals towards which you are always working in order to improve your poker game.

Even the most prolific of poker players who make a living off of playing the game will always have a goal or two for themselves every year, because even the best of the best know there is always an area of the game they could improve on. So before heading over to Sacramento Casino Capitol Casino for your next hand of poker, check out the four poker goals below, inspired by the wisdom of some of today’s hottest poker pros!

4 Sacramento Casino Poker Goals this 2016

  1. Set a realistic and specific objective for yourself if you are a beginning poker player:

The expert poker players all agree, if you want to have success in the game of poker, be it a high stakes poker tournament or simply a game of Texas Hold ‘Em at Sacramento Casino Capitol Casino, you have to begin with attainable goals in order to master the basic objectives step by step.

You should only begin to move up in competition when you are completely comfortable with the specifics of poker. Similarly, try and focus on a goal in terms of the effort, which you are expending, not the end result of the hand or the game. One specific goal for example, could be that at the end of every session, you should try and identify and analyze three specific mistakes you made while playing that you could have played differently.

  1. Prepare yourself mentally and physically for a long poker session or tournament at Sacramento Casino Capitol Casino:

If you are looking to grind out a particularly long poker session try to set the goal of playing a certain number of hands instead of a specific winning or profit-related goal. When playing in a Sacramento Casino poker tournament for example, an expert poker player will seek to maintain his or her strategy consistently throughout the entire session, remaining as alert on the final hand as they were on the very first.

Set a goal that is in your control!

  1. If becoming a professional poker player is a job you wish to aspire to, then follow the advice of the pros and set short-term goals that you can really focus in on.

Being able to play a certain number of hands per month without focusing on the results, and instead really honing in on the routine of a schedule, is an illustration of such a goal.

  1. Set a time ratio in terms of studying poker and playing poker:

While a lot of the learning comes simply from being at the poker table, most experts advise beginning players to put in the effort outside of the tables in order to really understand the game. If you are looking to up your game you should have a goal of spending at least half as much of your time studying the game as you do for playing the game.

By reviewing the sessions, you previously have played and taking advantage of all the helpful information online you can dramatically improve your poker game.