Playing the three-card poker

Posted on: April 22, 2019

Poker has become a favorite game that it is recognized worldwide. Various tournaments are held in a few countries and are supported by a considerable following.

But there is a kind of poker that is also slowly getting the attention of international gaming public— the three-card poker.

Three-card poker has been available in a lot of casinos for a long time, but its popularity has been on the rising the fastest these past few years. This game has snatched the attention of many players because it is as fun and exciting as the traditional poker table.

If you are interested and would like to learn the game, we have rounded up the rules of the game for you!

• The game starts by making an ante or a bet. The players can also make both ante and a bet.
• Once bets are settled, the dealers give each player three cards. The dealer also gets three cards. The players are allowed to look at their cards while the dealers’ cards are laid facing down on the table.
• After checking your cards, a player decides whether to fold or to continue playing. If the player chooses to proceed with the game, he or she must raise or place a bet that is equal or higher than the ante.
• The dealer then turns over the cards; dealers need a queen-high to qualify and challenge the players.
• If the dealer fails to get the queen-high, the players automatically win even prize on the ante (1 on 1).
• If the dealer qualifies, then your hand is compared with the dealers.
• If the dealer loses, you win both ante and bet; if the dealer wins, players lose both ante and play stakes.
• If it is a tie, then both ante and play bets become a push.
• There are also side bets that you can try while playing this game. Each stake has its own corresponding card suit and wins.

Some experienced players would say that the average house edge is somewhere between 3.3 percent to 4 percent, but this edge can increase dramatically based on incorrect strategy and failed side bets. A lousy combo can pump edges by as much as 3 percent.

Experts would advise that it’s best not to be too excited about side bets because you are also at risk of losing more; and, it is better to focus on keeping your house edge low. On good days, an edge can be as low as 2.3 percent with the correct combination of bonuses on side bets!

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