Play Poker with Friends at Capitol Casino!

Posted on: May 1, 2017

Capitol Casino: Great poker room for playing with your friends, as well as against them!

While it’s always fun to bring your friends along with you to Sacramento’s number one poker room, playing against your friends at a game of Texas Hold ‘em is always a fun way to spend the evening too! But even if you are a seasoned poker player and know your way around a poker table well enough already, don’t expect to be able to trounce all over your friends the next time you’re at Capitol Casino for a night of poker with your friends.

Diverse range of players but don’t assume your friends are what they seem

  • Remember that at Capitol Casino, beginners feel especially welcome because they can take advantage of the complimentary lessons available at every table, 24 hours a day, so expect to see your fair share of beginning level poker players in addition to some of your newbie friends.
  • Moreover, now that you’re playing at one of the most popular casinos in the area you’re going to face the whole gamut of types of players and styles of play, so you should focus a substantial part of your game on learning how different players (not to mention your friends) will play in different situations so that you can respond accordingly.

As a general rule when playing against your friends in an environment like Capitol Casino, initially you should judge behaviors and tells in the opposite way that are actually displaying them; in other words, if your friend looks and plays in a weak style, it’s very likely that they could be faking weak tells so as to trick you into thinking they aren’t a threat.

In addition to the classic newbie that some of your friends might be, there are a couple of other common styles/players to look out for when playing poker at Capitol Casino, namely the seasoned regular, and the aggressive gunslinger:

The Seasoned Regular: Think of this player as the guy or gal always seems to get the best of you on every single hand without ever breaking a sweat. When playing at Capitol Casino the odds are pretty high that a few regulars will be at your table every night, so do your best to put heavy pressure on them as soon as you spot their skill level, with a goal of forcing them to fold the majority of the hands they play.

The Aggressive Gunslinger: Even though you might not be expecting it, your new poker buddy could fall into the overtly aggressive category, and you might not know how to react if you don’t prepare yourself. These players usually are the type to always play a little on edge, always looking for the next play, and never bother to play by any sort of etiquette. When around a poker table at Capitol Casino with an aggressive outcast type player, you can bet that you are bound to win money if you are patient enough because they are bound to make a cocky mistake that you can cash in on if you are paying attention.

Above all, remember to pay attention to all reads and be present for every hand that is played because you miss out on valuable reads and insight into your opponents strategies and tells every time you let your guard down. If you focus on every play, you are more likely to treat each situation as an opportunity to learn something new and improve your game.

And most importantly, enjoy your experience at Sacramento’s number one poker room, Capitol Casino with all of your friends!