Play it EZ

Posted on: January 4, 2019

EZ Baccarat is one of the most adrenaline injected table games in casinos. Why? Because, players have to put their bet first before the cards are dealt. If you are wondering how this suspenseful game is played, read along and we’ll show you how you might just end up being the next EZ Baccarat champ!

The game starts with chips being pushed on two sides, either the banker’s side or the player’s side. Once bettors have decided which hand they want to play, the banker will start dealing the cards starting on the side of the player. The goal of the EZ Baccarat game is to get two cards that have a value that is equal to nine or closer to nine. The banker and the player can get a third card depending on the values of the original cards dealt first. The player and the banker can get a third card if the total value of her hand is between zero and five. Both players will have to stand which means the two of them cannot get a third card if the value of their hand is either a six or a seven. If any of the two gets an eight, no third card will also be given as this value is considered as a natural win. Once all card are dealt, the hand that has the closest value to nine wins.

For every casino house, there are certain rules or bets that they offer to make the game more exciting. Here in Capitol Casino, we play the Dragon 7 and the Panda 8.

So how does one win a Dragon 7? Easy. If a banker wins with three cards in hand with a total value of seven, then it is called a Dragon 7. Optional bets made on this outcome are paid 40 to 1. For the Panda 8, if a player wins with three cards with a total value of eight, then he or she wins the game. Optional bets made on this outcome are paid 25 to 1.

Like we said earlier, not all casino houses offer the same bet or have the same rules. The same goes with commissions in the EZ Baccarat table. Some houses take commissions and some play the no-commission table. These days, the no-commission table is the most played type of Baccarat. So what is a commission? A commission is like a fee that is automatically deducted on bettors winnings when they play on the side of the bankers and it won. For example, a bettor won $100 dollars in a round after putting his chips on the side of the banker. He or she will not get all $100 dollars; instead, he will get $95 dollars. The five dollars will be taken by the banker as the commission. So, just like poker, it is best to know the rules of the table first before buying in. Know whether the table takes commissions or not before betting.

In this game, face cards like the queens, kings, and jacks get a value of zero, including the number 10. If the total of your cards, exceed ten, then the value of your card will take the last digit on the right. If you get two 8s, which totals to 16, then your hand’s score is six.

Easy as pie, right? We hope our short tutorial is informative and exciting for you to get you to play the EZ Baccarat here in Capitol Casino. It is a good table try with your friends after a night of Poker or Black Jack with us.