How to play EZ Baccarat

Posted on: January 27, 2018

Traditional vs. EZ Baccarat:

EZ Baccarat is played just as the traditional version of the game is played, with the exception of players not paying commission when they win against the bank. Instead of taking the five percent commission after every winning Bank hand, the Bank hand is “pushed” or “barred”, so that there is one specific winning Bank hand, also called the Dragon hand, made up of a three card total of seven. Players are allowed to make an insurance bet, or the “Dragon7 bet”, which pays 40 to 1 should the three card winning Bank hand have a total of 7 points.

Basic layout of the game:

  • EZ Baccarat is played on a blackjack style table, with between 8-21 seats.
  • Hands are valued according to the sum of the combined cards; the Ace has a value of 1, the number cards 2-9 are valued at face value, and 10’s, Jack’s, Queen’s, and King’s all have a value of 0.
  • If the total of the combined cards equals more than 10, then the final digit in the total sum then becomes the value of the hand itself (i.e., 9 + 6 =15, the last digit of total is 5, therefore, the value of the hand is 5).
  • The player’s hands are dealt on both the PLAYER’S position and the DEALER’S position.
  • A hand is called a “Natural” when two cards have a point value of 8 or 9, and a “Natural” is an automatic winner, except in the circumstance of both the player and the dealer having the same Natural value, or a tie; in which case, the Natural 9 would beat the Natural 8.
  • Options players have the ability to place a bet for include:

PLAYER and DEALER line -pays 1 to 1.

TIE- bet pays 8 to 1.

DRAGON 7- bet pays 40 to 1.

  • In addition to wagering on the Banker hand and the Dragon7, EZ Baccarat at Sacramento Casino also offers players the option of wagering on what is called the Panda8 bet, this is the three card winning Player hand totaling eight, and paying 25 to 1.


  • Should the player and/or dealer receive an 8 or a 9 on their first two cards then no other cards are drawn.
  • The player must hit on 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and the player must stand on 6, 7, 8, and 9.


  • In the case of a winning three card hand valued at 7 points, it will push instead of win, Dragon 7 Hand.
  • If the player hand does not draw a third card then the dealer hand must also hit on 0, 1, 2 ,3, 4, 5 and must stand on 6 ,7, 8 and 9.
  • When the player hand draws a third card, a table provided by the casino will be used to determine if the dealer hand draws a third card (hit or stand).

How to play:

  • At the beginning of the game each player must place a bet on either the DEALER or the PLAYER position.
  • As an optional wager, players who placed the dealer/player wager can also place a bet on the TIE or the DRAGON 7 position.
  • Cards are dealt face up.
  • Two hands made up of two cards each are dealt from the shoe, and the cards dealt on the House Dealer’s right side is the player’s hand, while the two cards on the left side are the dealer’s hand.
  • Either hand may require a third card later on.
  • Prior to the start of each round, collections are determined and collected based on the predetermined limits of the table.
  • Unless there is a DRAGON 7, then the highest point value wins.

TIE and DRAGON bets:

  • Any TIE and DRAGON bets have to be placed prior to any cards being dealt.
  • In order to make a TIE or DRAGON 7 bet, a player must make a player or dealer wager.
  • The TIE wager will be paid based upon the sum total of the player hand and dealer hands.