Online Gambling vs Casinos

Posted on: March 1, 2016

With the emergence of the online gambling industry in the 1990’s, the popularity and success of online gambling has grown exponentially. As a very convenient and flexible way to play games of chance and games of skill, online gambling does have an appeal for many gamblers, and given the fact that playing from the comfort of your own home does have it’s perks, it does make sense why some players prefer the online platform. What’s more, proponents of the online gambling industry argue that gambling online is less cumbersome and time- consuming than gambling at a traditional casino, due to the ease of access. Additionally, online gambling is advantageous in the sense that players can play such a wide variety of games and play for cash instead of chips, all while essentially remaining anonymous and comfortable in one’s own home. There are some drawbacks associated with the way the multi-billion dollar online gambling industry functions in terms of taxes and revenues, whereas the traditional casino style of gambling actually has the potential to create tax revenue and a job market for an entire community. The traditional land-based casino is superior to online gambling when it comes to stimulating local economies; from an increase in jobs as well as money spent at local businesses and restaurants, a casino has the potential to invigorate a community in ways which online gambling cannot.

Also in terms of rules, regulations, and law, online gambling is substantially more risky, as the legalities of the online gambling industry are in constant flux and vary from state to state. Whereas when you enter a traditional casino that is sanctioned by law and protected by security guards and video surveillance, you can feel safe and secure in a legal environment. Another benefit associated with gambling in a land-based casino which is missing from the online gambling platform is the exciting atmosphere and opportunities for socializing and entertainment. When playing your favorite slot machine game at a casino for example, you are exposed to so many more options for fun and gaming competition than you would be at an online gambling website. From a variety of choices for drinks and food, to additional games and exciting offers and member bonuses offered by the casino–the possibilities for good times really are endless when playing at a casino! Similarly, the experience of gambling in a traditional casino is often better than the experience of gambling online because of the exposure to new games and different strategies that can increase your chances of winning. In other words, there is no way of replicating all of the things you learn and are exposed to at a casino in an online gambling site.

When it comes down to choosing between which platform to gamble on, either the traditional land-based casino or the newer style of online gambling, it really depends on the unique style and preferences of the player. Whether or not you are close to a casino is obviously going to sway you towards gambling online, and if that is the case, try and branch out to get the full experience more often at a traditional casino-it will only benefit you! If you find yourself visiting the Sacramento Area, come by Capitol Casino today for one of the best gambling experiences you will ever have!