On semi-legal poker rooms

Posted on: October 18, 2019

Hidden behind two metallic doorways is a dingy, smoke-filled room, with shirtless men getting a massage in front of a grimy poker table – this is how the New Yorker described an underground social poker club in Texas. 

 Semi-legal “social clubs” popped up to encourage players around the area to gamble within the city instead of driving to another state to play.

On Semi Legal Poker Rooms

 It took advantage of the loopholes of the Texas Legal System and became semi-legal poker rooms. What they did is to create social clubs for poker games to avoid regulation. They insisted that the club hosts gatherings where people meet privately to play games. However, this is nothing but a mere front. It was a money-making scheme. “Rake,” which is commonly employed in legal casinos, was also collected as a percentage of every pot. 

 Without the proper licenses, these venues can be used for illegal transactions and money laundering. Anyone who plays in this kind of poker room can be complicit with crimes, knowingly or unknowingly. 

 What this means to you
Different kinds of “social clubs” are out there – from the good, bad, and the ugly, and not all of them are as scary as the one described by The New Yorker. 

But while you are not in any imminent danger, without any legal assurance and regulations, nothing stops these social clubs from overcharging and getting a bigger rake from your winnings.

The best way to play poker is in licensed casinos. That way, you only need to worry about your cards, and your play – nothing more, nothing less. 

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