How to make your Bankroll last longer at a Sacramento Casino

Posted on: February 13, 2018

Most of us have had the days where the chips just aren’t falling our way at the table and have ended up calling our casino trip early because the bankroll didn’t last as long as you would have hoped. Truth to be told however, is that you don’t have to have the best luck or the smartest playing strategies to make your bankroll last longer when playing at your favorite local casino.

So to help you do just that and even have more fun the next time you’re playing the tables at a place like Capitol Casino, check out these simple tips!

  • Play at a slower pace:

While it may sound like an obvious suggestion, many players take for granted the fact that controlling their rate of play can have a dramatic effect on the longevity of their bankroll when playing at the casino. And while there is certainly nothing wrong with getting in a grove and remaining committed to a specific table, taking frequent breaks to stretch your muscles and give your brain a break is a smart and easy way to keep your bankroll lasting longer.

Don’t forget that you’re prone to making more mistakes and playing at a faster rate when your blood sugar is low, so do yourself and your bankroll a favor and don’t gamble on an empty stomach either! Try and remember to incorporate snacks and hydration into your stretching breaks too, especially if you have been drinking alcohol while gambling.

  • Try a game with a smaller denomination

Sure the games with the smaller bets usually mean that the house has a greater edge, but the gambling pros encourage those players looking to make their bankrolls last longer to stick to these games because in the long run, even though the pot won’t be as big, the odds are in your favor when you stick around longer at such tables. Not to mention the fact that the lower betting tables have just as much fun as the high rolling tables in exciting gambling atmospheres like the ones at Capitol Casino.

  • Look for other ways to save through the casino and special deals

Casinos are always looking for ways to keep their players engaged and coming back for more so there are plenty of ways for you to take advantage of freebies, specials deals, and exclusive deals offered to members only. Remember to sign up for the players or membership card of your local casino to benefit from the perks like free games, meals, and entries to exciting drawings.

Tournaments and prize drawings are also a great way to continue the fun of being in a casino and cash in on some opportunities to win big prizes, without necessarily needing to pay to participate. Always be on the lookout for tournament offers and ticket drawings, and remember that members or player’s card holders often get additional incentives to participate in them as well. Certain casinos will even increase players rewards points on holidays and other designated days throughout the year so stay informed of your local casino’s offers for the best savings.

Above all, play the game to have fun and get out and socialize with friends and you will find that your bankroll will last longer when you do!