Jamie Kerstetter Twitter Feed

Posted on: July 31, 2017

Everyone loves a good Twitter Feed. If you are able to find one that is insightful, witty, easy to follow and fully of useful advice, you will want to follow that feed. It’s not always easy to get your point, or advice across in 140 characters or less, so you have to be smart to be able to pack it all in and have people coming back for more.

In the Twitter world of Poker there is a Queen rising up and people just can’t get enough of her. Her name is Jamie Kerstetter and she is one that you need to start following if you aren’t already, @jamiekerstetter

This is what Kevin Mathers (@kevmath), in his second summer as the WSOP Twitter Czar and semi-professional “Twitter expert,” had this to say about Kerstetter’s clever feed:

“She’s witty, timely and very much on point regarding current issues. She’s one of my favorite people to follow because she’s genuine and keeps it real. It doesn’t hurt that she brings Crouton to the Rio every so often to liven things up. She is the Queen of Poker Twitter in my book. ”

Pamela Maldonado (@pamelam35), PokerNews’ manager of Social Media, had this to say after perusing Kerstetter’s feed: “She keeps things light and humorous without taking it too far. She engages with everyone, haters and followers, and doesn’t step out of line.”

Kerstetter loves her fans and says that she enjoys Twitter because it’s not goal oriented for her at all. She says it’s purely for entertainment, and it’s so important to have hobbies that are just for fun.