Instagram poker star: fact or fiction?

Posted on: February 18, 2017

Everyone loves a success story, especially when it comes to a story about someone winning big at poker and rising to the highest levels of skill and glory because of let’s face it, we all love to fantasize about winning a huge jackpot that could change our lives. Such is the narrative illustrated on the feed of Instagram star, Dan Bilzerian, who claims that he’s made millions from playing poker. But how much of his story is verifiable and provable outside of the pictures he’s posting on Instagram?

According to Blizerian, it all started after one trip to Las Vegas where he ended up walking away with $200,000 after starting with just $750. Over the next few years, he claims to have honed his poker prowess into a lucrative, 50 million dollar a year career, and the pictures he posts on his Instagram account indeed showcase his lavish lifestyle, complete with expensive parties and appearances with Floyd Mayweather. While all of this appears to look authentic to his 20 million followers, investigative reports into Bilerian’s background indicate that poker prowess may not be exactly what landed him that fortune after all.

Lessons Learned

The lesson here is that just like with a game of poker, there will always be flashy players who will try to distract you from your game in order to better their own. Poker is all about being confident in your game no matter what else is going on around you, so while flashy players like Bilzerian may get all the attention, the best that poker has to offer is available to everyone at Capitol Casino. Sure, it’s nice to hear stories about people being able to make a living off of playing poker, but in reality, the vast majority of poker players do so for the love of the game, not to make a living off of it. Poker is a game that is accessible to everyone, and your ability to win depends upon a combination of skill, luck, and timing, not necessarily how much money you already have in the bank.

As it turns out, those investigative reports found that in all likelihood Bilzerian didn’t make his fortune from playing poker after all, and inherited most of his ‘winnings’ from his wealthy father and his so called, ‘shady’ business dealings in the past. Moreover, poker experts went back to look at a tape of Bilzerian actually playing poker and found his skills to be less than average, further backing up the findings of the investigative report. It goes to show that real poker players aren’t always about the glitz and the glam of winning, and instead focus on their love of the competition to drive them to be better and succeed.

Poker Played Right

While you might not yet be a well-known poker star or rich Instagram sensation, you can still enjoy the best poker games in Capitol Casino every single day! And even if you don’t have the skills or huge bankroll of sensations like Bilzerian, the games and exciting offers at Capitol Casino are here for everyone to win and enjoy!