How You Can Earn $3,000 In One Poker Match

Posted on: January 30, 2019

Whenever we place a bet, we always get the ones that has the highest winnings or the best chances of winning. More often than not, we only get to choose one of the two.

But, what if I tell you that it is possible at Capitol Casino in Sacramento, California?

Every Saturday, Capitol Casino holds the weekend tournament that allows players to get a seat for a minimum buy-in of $60. With your own skills and strategy, you have an equal chance at winning the evening’s pot. That’s not all. Did you know that it is a guaranteed $3000 pot money? Which means, you can bring home more depending on how the players are rolling on the table.

This is just one of the many tournaments that is hosted by us here in Capitol Casino where the buy-in is low but the winnings are high. And since this is poker, you have a higher chance of winning because it will depend on how you play your hand. With enough luck and strategy, there is no reason for you not to bet on it.

Here are the rules for signing up in our tournaments:

Presence is required when signing up for this tournament. If you are thinking of sending a proxy, forget about it. You need to be personally present to be admitted into the game. Keep in mind that seating arrangements depend on the available tables and seats that are open. To ensure your slot, come in early as registration starts as at 11 am, about the same time the tournament begins.

This tournament is set for tables that run on 20 minute levels. If you came in late, you do not have to wait long before you can get a seat. Every player starts with 4,000 chips but players can get 2,000 more chips for only an additional $5. There is an additional and optional add-on and/or re-buy available during the first 4 levels of the game for only $50 ($45 + 5) and players get an additional 6,000 chips.

We have been hosting this tournament since 2015 and is still making ripples across the poker scene. Both professionals and novices come in to play to try their luck and practice on their craft.

For more information regarding the latest tournament we are running, or for new tournaments that we might host in town, our page is just a click away for the most updated schedule board.

Capitol Casino is committed to make your Saturday evening more exciting than watching free TV at home. We make sure to offer new and exciting tournaments in town to keep the adrenaline running in our poker rooms. Keep us in your radar for future tournaments, you’ll never know which ones can catapult you into all-in win evening.

Always remember, that when it comes to poker, there should be no other choice! Capitol Casino is Sacramento’s number one poker room! If you are still reading this in your pajamas on a Saturday evening, read further as to why you should be playing tournament rather than staying at home on a Saturday night.