How to Throw the Perfect Casino Party!

Posted on: February 28, 2017

Either for a special occasion, or just as a chance to throw a party to get people together, a casino themed party done right will make for a memorable night. The following are some helpful guidelines to make sure that you cover all your bases to capture the perfect casino feel.


The right casino games will really be the anchor of your night. You are definitely going to want to tailor your choice of games for the tastes and preferences of your guests, but as a general rule of thumb simple is always better. Unless your guests are experienced gamblers, you are not going to want to take the time to teach rules and procedures for more complex card games such as craps or baccarat.

Stick to simple easy to catch on games, such as a crowd favorite, poker, or even blackjack. For your less experienced friends, these games will be easy for them to learn and enjoy. Also, they are an inexpensive source of entertainment. The only equipment necessary is a collection of card decks and some tokens or poker chips, which can easily be acquired for around $30.

Food and Drink

Casino party food can be a little tricky, but not if you keep one thing in mind: your guests’ hands are going to be occupied. Not only that, but much of your party space is going to be fully occupied with poker tables and other gaming areas, so food will not be a main focus of the night. Complicated meals really have no place at a night like this. Finger food and quick snacks will be a big hit. It is suggested that you go with a classic black, white and red theme for your party and your food should match that to the best of your ability.

Drinks are another very important part of your evening. A fun assortment of cocktails will really add to the event, especially if you give each drink a casino themed name. These drinks should be clearly posted on a menu board near your kitchen or bar area, so your guests can enjoy your creative cocktails.

Dress Code

This is an area in which you can really decide how you want your evening to feel. Are you shooting for a casual, more relaxed group environment? If so, let people know that casual attire will be appropriate and they can come relaxed and ready to have fun. However, if you are shooting for a classier night with a hint of elegance and formality, it is definitely fun to ask for formal attire. Men wear suits and ties or bowties and women wear glamorous evening gowns. This can require a bit more preparation, so be sure to inform your guests in advance of the dress expectations.


Of course, no themed party would be complete without creative decorations. While the casino theme is obviously integrated into every element of the night, the decorations should speak the loudest to the theme. Some creative ideas that have been done before are turning doors into giant playing cards, or using styrofoam cubes and cardstock to make your own giant dice. You could even give your casino a name and decorate signs with that name. Just remember to have fun with it and make it memorable.

Legal Notice: It is important to note that holding a commercial casino night without a license is very illegal so be careful not to do that. Play it safe and use play chips and have an award for the person with the biggest collection at the end of the night.