How to Play Blackjack at a Sacramento Casino

Posted on: October 30, 2015

Just like any other Sacramento Casino, blackjack remains a favorite with the players at Capitol Casino because of its exciting nature with real potential to beat the dealer! Also known as ’21’, Blackjack ranks only second to Texas Style Hold’Em in popularity, and is one of the table games boasted by Capitol Casino. As the name implies, the object of this card game is to beat the dealer by using your cards to get as close as you can to 21 without busting, or going over. While most flock to this game because it is generally what you would call a “luck and chance” game, it also appeals to the strategists out there because there is some skill involved when it comes to understanding the odds. After learning the basic structure of the card game and familiarizing yourself with the house rules at Sacramento Casino Capitol Casino, come and see for yourself what all the Blackjack buzz is about!

The first step in learning how to play Blackjack is knowing the values associated with each card: a numbered card is valued at its number, all face cards value 10, and the aces may value either one or 10, a choice left to the player based upon the need of their hand. A Blackjack therefore is a hand with a combination of an ace and a ten card. In terms of players and turns, the max number of players at a Capitol Casino Blackjack table will not usually exceed seven, with just one person needed to play against the dealer, who is always the last player to reveal their hand. Next, familiarize yourself with the four standard options available to you once it’s your turn at the table:

1.     A ‘hit’ is the action you take when you want another card and is commonly communicated to the dealer either by tapping the table with one or two fingers, or scraping it with the edge of the cards. You may hit until you bust.

2.     When you choose to stand it means that you like your hand as is and do not want another card, visibly indicated by putting your chips face down on your cards or waving your palm over the top of the cards.

3.     To ‘double down’, means that you increase your original bet (up to 100 %) in exchange for standing after you receive the next card, placing the additional bet next to the original bet. Signal this move with the point of one finger.

4.     A ‘split’ is what happens when you have two identical cards and want to split the hand into two separate hands, and you make this move simply by pointing two fingers. House rules at Capitol Casino only allow players to split on the first decision of their hand. Once you have two hands and make an additional bet that is placed outside the area of the original betting box, you then play the two hands with separate turns.

To begin the game, the bets are placed and then the dealer deals every player two cards, one face up, with the face down card referred to as, the ‘hole card.’ If the dealer has an ace showing, he then looks at his hole card; if he does in fact have a blackjack, then he flips it and all bets lose, unless a player too has a blackjack. If this happens, the result is called a ‘push’, where no one loses money and the dealer does not win. The play begins with the player to the left of the dealer, and after each player has had his or her turn, the dealer reveals his hole card. At Capitol Casino the dealer will always hit if he or she has 16 or less. If the dealer does bust, then any player who has not already will win, but if the dealer does not bust, then the player with the highest valued hand wins.

Now that you understand the basics of how to play blackjack, come and test your luck and skills with the welcoming and friendly dealers at Capitol Casino!